TPP11. The Government of Canada will not sign the Collateral Letters.

During the course of Thursday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonia Origola, reported that the Canadian government “will not sign on to”Side messages” but it will open the discussion about the mechanisms within the CPTPP and in the free trade agreement we have with CanadaThis declaration was made in the framework of the APEC Leaders’ Summit.

It should be considered that TPP11 has been approved in Congress pending ratification by Gabriel Boric who is waiting for other governments to sign off on private company-state dispute resolution mechanisms, however, during the day the governments of Kana and Japan reported that they had done so. Do not sign the Side Letters.

Approval of TPP-11 will focus on encouraging foreign investment in the country, but this in no way means a solution to the economic crisis, as it only encourages profitable business with the natural resources of countries called “in development,” such as Chile. An example of this is what happens with the intervention of Canadian mining companies such as Barrick Gold in Pascua Lama and Kinross-Maricunga in Laguna del Negro Francisco and Laguna Santa Rosa (the Ramsar sites), or Teck in Carmen de Andacollo, companies that Mining Watch Canada has denounced for violating Indigenous self-determination, environmental crimes and tax evasion.

The approval of the Trans-Pacific Treaty in Congress in collusion with the right and the agreement and I agree to the dignity, means losing the autonomy of each country by being under the ropes run by private companies from other countries (such as Barrick Gold and Teck) because they can sue the country if the company Do not generate satisfaction with their profits, and thus harm the needs of the working class, which is cynically approved by the “environmental” government.

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