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The relationship between Mrs. Dee’s children goes through low hours.

Princes Guillermo and Enrique gave a truce in the middle of their stormy relationship to unveil a statue Thursday in London’s Kensington Gardens in honor of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, who would have turned 60 today.

The relationship between the two brothers, who last saw each other in April for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, goes through the low hours, burdened with tail blows by A controversial March interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which Meghan Markle accused the British crown of racism and perpetuated lies about her and Harry.

But the distance between Lady Di’s very close children is going back a bit.

It was in October 2019 when a documentary was broadcast on British television in which Enrique and Megan revealed how difficult it was to face the siege of the press, as well as how difficult it was for the actress to bear the pressure after becoming a member. From the royal family.

In the documentary, Prince Henry also went on to reveal that he has distanced himself from his brother. “We’re definitely going down different paths right now,” he said of Guillermo.

As evidenced by the unauthorized biography Searching for freedomGuillermo offended his brother when he asked him in a somewhat “arrogant” tone to take all the time necessary to get to know Meghan well (“that girl”, he seems to have called her) before taking her seriously and marrying her while Kate Middleton wouldn’t have helped her sister-in-law integrate. In the royal family or dealing with the press.

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The turning point came when Henry decided to give up his official duties as a member of the British royal family and leave the country.

In addition, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex caused a special shock to the royal establishment by assuring Winfrey that a member of the royal family had acted in a racist manner by questioning what skin color their children would have, because Meghan’s mother is black.

Prince William replied that members of the royal family were “not racist at all”., 39, when asked about her shortly afterwards during an official party.

Likewise, the fact that his 36-year-old younger brother, who lives in California with his wife and children, said he was “trapped” in the royal family should not be endearing to the man who was once destined to wear the British crown.

since then, The two brothers met each other briefly at Windsor Castle for the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip, in April, But with no clear signs that tensions had eased.

“William did not speak to Harry at the Windsor reception after the funeral for fear that the content of the conversation would be immediately leaked by Meghan through Oprah Winfrey or friends of Sussex,” says Robert Lacey, an expert on the royal family. A book entitled “The Battle of the Two Brothers” was recently published.

Prince Harry returned to the UK only last week from California, where he is staying with his wife and two children, and made a surprise appearance on Wednesday at a charity event for sick children.

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According to the tabloid daily MailAnd, according to a royal source, their return to British soil provided the two brothers an opportunity to talk this week about England’s victory over Germany in the European Championship, raising hopes of a possible rapprochement between the two.

Once Enrique leaves England again, it is unknown when he will return. It is expected to take place in June 2022, during the celebrations of Elizabeth II’s birthday, when the 70th anniversary of the British throne will be celebrated for four days. (I)

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