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Premiere of the National Cinematheque broadcasting platform, the new Tesla, which is very fast, space conquest of Europe, and more information we have ready for you this Friday to start the weekend with everything.

Enjoy your national cinema from your chair with the new broadcasting platform البث

The National cinema about its launch virtual room New broadcast platform.

“This project puts in an accessible, simultaneous and immediate manner, Throughout the Mexican territory, the experience of the job and cinematic contents of the Xoco Complex,” the agency stated in a statement.

The cinema bulletin board will now be available for mobile devices and TVs from its website virtual room.

To use this platform, people will have to follow the same dynamics that they follow in person: They will be able to buy tickets digitally, with forecasts that will have fixed schedules.

The cinema highlighted that the prices for watching movies will be the same online as in the classroom.

When buying a ticket for the platform, a cipher Which you can access on the page to access the online cinema.

Exhibitions in the virtual room, as well as face-to-face exhibitions, You have a set schedule and timeFurthermore, films will be presented in their original language with Spanish subtitles. Since it’s an at-home session, the show can be paused for a few moments (to stop) However, the pause time is limited to 10 minutes”, mentioned.

Musk’s new ‘innovation’: the Model S Plaid, the fastest Tesla ever

Elon Musk has billed Tesla’s latest car, the Model S Plaid, as a product Aura explains The superiority of electric cars In an event that marks the beginning of delivery to customers.

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“Why did he make this car really fast so incredibly fast?” asked the CEO rhetorically in front of the Tesla plant in Fremont, California. “Something very important for the future of sustainable energy is that we have to show that the electric car is the best car without a doubt.”

musk rouge manoushe as a car capable of going from zero to 60 mph in less than two seconds, although that time excludes initial progress, according to .’s website company. The car offers an estimated range of 390 miles, a top speed of 200 mph, and costs $129,990 in the US.

During the presentation, which lasted less than 30 minutes, Musk read out improvements that include a new battery pack, carbon-coated rotors and a three-motor powertrain. The name plaid is a reference To a high-speed spaceflight scene from the 1987 comedy space balls.

Europe launched the “conquest of Venus”: it will send a robotic explorer in the next decade

A week after NASA announced two new missions, To the planetary neighbor closest to EarthThe European Space Agency said it will launch a probe to orbit Venus in the early 2030s.

With orbit, called Imagine, an attempt will be made to explain why Venus exists as well “Completely different” with Earth, although both planets are similar in size and composition

NASA will provide the radar to the EnVision probe.

Europeans made their last visit to the fiery planet with the Venus Express mission that ran until 2014. Japan has had an orbiter around Venus since 2015 to study the climate.

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Vin Diesel says The Fast and the Furious is coming to an end

Vin Diesel made his mark as the patriarch of street racing in the franchise The Fast and the FuriousBut the story that starred this lovable character may soon be over.

In an interview Thursday with the Associated Press, Diesel said that the series will end with two films after the ninth part, “F9,” which opens in theaters on June 25.

The actor indicated that Universal Pictures wants to end the saga with two films that could be released in 2023 and 2024.

Diesel has played Dominic Toretto since the first movie in 2001. The films became blockbusters worldwide, and the latest installment grossed over $1 billion.

Along with Diesel, the films featured performances by Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Therese Gibson, rapper Ludacris, Jordana Brewster, Jason Statham and the late Paul Walker.

Netflix reveals new cast of Resident Evil live series

Netflix He already has the cast of the series Live action de Resident Eiffel. Participation Paula Nunez, Mexican actress collaborating for the first time with the broadcasting company.

The declared stellar cast is:

Lance Riddick, I’m Albert Wesker.

Ella Palinska.

Tamara Smart.

Sina Agudong.

– Adeline Rudolph.

Paula Nunez.

So far, only the role that will be responsible for Lance Reddick has been shared.

The new story to be told is based on the Capcom video game franchise. It will be located nearly 30 years after the discovery of the T virus and the outbreak will reveal secrets Umbrella Corporation. Eight episodes are planned for this installment.

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The series’ executive producer and writer is Andrew Dabb, who previously worked on supernatural.

With information from Bloomberg and AP

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