What is known about the third season of the Lupine series?

Last Friday, June 11th Netflix the first show lupine; Part 2It is the second installment of the episodes in which they closed the story arc that started in the first part, but this does not mean the end of the series. like a king Omar C, The third part of the series is already underway, although the platform has not made any official statement yet, but after seeing the success of the series around the world, it makes sense that it takes a little time to announce the return of Asani Diop.

You already have criticisms for Part 1 and Part 2, and without getting caught up in too many spoilers, it’s commendable that they don’t leave the series very open, especially if there are things like Buyer’s LegacyThat we had a new season and they left us halfway. Now, given that lupine; Part 2 He achieved his goal of keeping the tape of the first part, and they also managed to close the main story, and it makes sense that the new version will tell new heists and adventures of Assane, as the creator and director of the series, George Kay, invited to think.

KaiAt the time, it was already announced that these two parts we saw as a story about Asani Diop’s origin, so whatever comes next will be his adventures as a white-gloved thief, something he seems unwilling to stop being the protagonist. Plus, we’re excited about what the new release can tell us, which is that the protagonist gives his son a book,”Arsene Lupine vs Herlock Schulmes”, in which the story of The Hollow Needle appears, which can be evidence of what we can see in Part Three. In this novel, Arsene Lupine is implicated in two robberies and deception. The three victims decide to meet and contact Herlock Sholmès to travel from London and put things in Their place, but in the end, it is Lupine himself who ends up in the UK.

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If so, Asaan could leave France and travel to the UK, but what is clear is that with the success it has had around the world, its adventures are global and the possibilities are endless. In the absence of official confirmation for the third season of lupineIn addition to the release date, plot, and cast, this series clearly wouldn’t have been possible without it Omar CAnd since the actor has already announced that there will be a new season, we can rest assured that he will be back. It’s a pity that unlike the first two parts that were filmed together which is why there was so little separation between the first shows, Season 3 will wait, at least, until 2022.

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