boredom? These are the must-watch series and movies on Netflix

US: The end of the week, and with it, undeniably, the skepticism of what to see. Therefore, through INTRA News We will tell you about some Series And Films It really shouldn’t be missed for you to enjoy Netflix. The streaming platform already has amazing productions that you can’t stop liking to discuss, laugh, cry or thrill to the fullest.

DP: El cazadesertoresA Korean series that includes 6 episodes in its first season. The official summary reveals, “A young soldier’s mission to capture army deserters reveals the grim truth that every recruit faces forced to do their duty.” This production is based on the website “DP: Gaeui Nal” published in 2015.

The kingdom: The Argentine series that follows the life of Emilio Vazquez Pena (Diego Peretti), a priest who is running for Vice President of Argentina. The story that sparked a lot of controversy and even accusations by Christian organizations against the production of Netflix what you suppose. Without a doubt, a product to discuss at length from any perspective.

SAS: The Rise of the Black Swan: This British action movie explains a trip from London to Paris by a Special Forces agent accompanied by his girlfriend. Of course, the premise is that a group of armed mercenaries take over the train and the protagonist must take action to save the people. A classic to see on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon.

dear arlo: Animated series for the whole family, the official summary of Netflix He reveals that “Arlo and his friends in particular are ushering in a whole new world as they set out to restore and make their home in the somewhat debilitated New York neighborhood.” The main bastion of the argument is friendship as an essential part of society and emotional bonds.

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