Comce Tamaulipas promotes how to do business with Sweden

The week begins with two important meetings of the business sector: one is the Nacional Financiera State Council where famous businessmen and academics from Tampico, Altamira, Ciudad Victoria, Matamoros, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo and currently chaired by Juan. Miguel Rubio Ilosoa, industrialist from Ciudad Mante.

The State Director of this Development Bank, Sergio Aguirre, has prepared a full agenda that includes a possible dialogue with the Minister of Economic Development, Carlos García Gonzalez, as well as learning about the financing programs promoted by the new Director of Navin, Juan Pablo de. botton.

For their part, the heads of organizations of the Council of Business Enterprises of South Tamaulipas, headed by Bertha Salinas Ruiz, will have the opportunity to learn about the progress of the work of the Water Commission that was formed as a high priority. Inside the Ciest this coordinates Luis Apperti. In addition, a dialogue with regional private banking executives such as Luis Fernando Ramon Cole of Banorte, Edgar Arturo Sánchez of Banca Averme and José Gabriel Montero of BBVA is also contemplated.


Very good comments were received when learning from the professional training of the elected mayor of Altamira, Armando Martinez Márquez, who in addition to his bachelor’s degree at the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, went on to study the combination of professional activity, family life and public office, obtained his master’s degree and is now finished One of the official studies for a doctorate in public administration. In this way, he will become the mayor of the industrial city with the greatest academic messages.

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COMCE Tamaulipas headed by Felipe Pearl Zorrilla has promoted between the export community the webinar “How to Deal with Sweden” organized by the National Committee led by Fernando Ruiz Huarte and the government of the Scandinavian country interested in expanding the Mexican export offer to that part of the world.


The markets were surprised by the increase in demand and prices of agricultural raw materials, which is good news for Tamaulipas countryside in various products such as corn, sorghum and soybeans. In the latter case, producers were greatly encouraged to learn that the Philips 66 oil consortium, which has several refineries and an extensive network of gas stations in the United States, decided to invest in using soybeans for biofuel production within the global trend of mitigating the effects of climate change.

It is known that for several years, businessmen from Matamoros and Valle Hermoso have been promoting the use of sorghum for the same purposes, but they have not been able to sign an agreement with Petróleos Mexicanos.

Along the same lines, Alpek and Sabic Industries, which own several plants in Altamira and belong to Aistac headed by Fernando Ramirez, have announced aggressive investments to reduce the emission of nearly 70,000 tons of carbon into the atmosphere.


Speaking of the state-producing company, there are many candles lit in Tamaulipas for what is said about the imminent departure of General Manager Octavio Romero Oropeza and his position Tampico Adolfo Helmond Lopez, very close to the new Treasury Secretary, Rogelio Ramirez, voices. And Pemex Manager Juan Antonio Polada, who has friends and family ties in our area.

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