Halo Infinite boasts the PC version in all its splendor, with a panoramic format and 120 degrees of visibility

The projected video game graphics for the Xbox ecosystem were controversial in their day.

Last week, Microsoft wanted to make it absolutely clear that an Commit to a computer Still heading into the final stretch of 2021 and beyond in a very broad sense, including games and services. Parallel, 343 industries He found his own space to talk about Computer version from Infinite aura, Which will be available sometime this fall. One will come very spoiled, apparently, and has been seen again.

After talking about Features of the game on the computerLike triple key connectivity, multi-format screen support, cross-play functionality with other platforms, or the monthly development update posted on the Halo Waypoint forums Expanded information With developer comments as well Screenshots They explain everything. And they come with unreleased content!

Graphic parameters can be configured from low to ultra For example, some of these images show a Setup menus Video and graphics. These indicate that we can compose elements such as textures, shadows, reflections, depth of field, dynamic lights, texture filtering or contour smoothing from low to ultra; And judging by the accompanying slider, it appears to be only part of the many options available to us.

Also appear Comparison It was extracted from the campaign mode which aims to compare the look of the game on different panoramic screens (at scale of 32: 9 and 21: 9) and different degrees of field of view, from 78 which is the default setting to 120, which we understand, is the maximum. Fans also took the opportunity to comment on their views on game graphics that had not been taught in optimal conditions but are now on the verge of making their way to stores. In 3DJuegos, we have compiled the All the information we have on Halo Infinite So as not to get lost in any aspect.

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