They reported that at least four people were killed in “racial hate” shootings in North Florida, United States

It happened near a store in the city of Jacksonville. The alleged shooter, who was killed, left a statement expressing an “ideology of hate”.

Shooting by a man who was stalked in Jacksonville, North Florida (USA) It left at least four people dead on Saturday In the vicinity of a well-known commercial store in the city, including the owner of the footage.

Mayor Donna Deegan confirmed this There were ‘multiple victims’. In a shootout involving a white man who barricaded himself in a local business.

“for him The target was a certain group of people, the blacks. And that’s what he said he wanted to kill. Sheriff TK Waters said of the attacker, a man in his 20s who wrote statements displaying “disgusting ideology of hate, and that’s very clear.”

At least four people were killed Saturday in a shooting in Florida. ap image.

According to multiple sources cited by local news4jax, at approximately 12:45 local time (16:45 GMT), a man suspected of being the shooter was spotted at Edward Waters University (EWU).

suspect who He wore a bulletproof vestHe hid behind the university library, and despite campus security attempts to arrest him, And the man was able to escape from there.

His steps appear to have led to a Dollar General store, where Fox showed a 30 Special Forces SWAT team near Kings Road near Canal Street as they engaged the armed suspect inside the store.

A journalist from local business news outlet Jax said he owned the footage He was wearing a camouflage suit and that he left a “manifesto” with some statements at his home in Clay County.

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“This is unacceptable,” the mayor told local media, which went to the scene. “One shooting is too much, but these mass shootings are really hard to bear.”

This shooting occurred on the same day 5 years ago when the shooter killed two people and wounded 11 others before shooting himself at a gaming tournament in old Jacksonville Landing, News4jax reported.

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