Warner Music signs a recording deal with a singer created using artificial intelligence.

Record label Warner Music has signed a recording contract with “Noonooori”, a singer created entirely using generative artificial intelligence (AI), becoming the first virtual influencer and “pop star” to sign a contract of this kind. These contractual relationships are expected to become increasingly common.

Noonori was created in 2018 by a German graphic designer. Since then he has participated in advertising campaigns with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Naomi Campbell. However, his music career began recently with the release of his first single, “Domino.” Although his songs were composed by human artists, his voice was created using artificial intelligence, based on recordings of a human voice.

According to the information revealed, Warner will pay royalties to the composers of its songs and their creator, who will share the copyrights to the musical works. Generative AI uses a set of algorithms that allow us to create something new from a series of provided data, the application of which in the specific case involves a combination of technology, entertainment and art that will have an unexpected scope.

This issue has raised expectations and controversy due to the scope of this type of technology. New artists created using artificial intelligence are expected to emerge in the near future, as their adaptability is ensured using emerging technologies that can shape their characteristics dynamically and at a reasonable value. These possibilities have prompted musicians’ unions, such as those in the United Kingdom, to urge lawmakers to pass laws that protect their copyrights and ensure reward when their work is used in AI projects.

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