They celebrate a cult film 20 years after its release

It is considered Cult film Since its first showing in 2004,A day without Mexicans“Sparked conversation Open about the importance of Latinos in the United States And their rights. the National cinemaThe institution responsible for preserving and publishing works cinematographic, This celebration will be joined by the screening of the film on Wednesday, May 29 at exactly 1:00 p.m 7:00 pm in room 2with access to the general public.

boss National Cinema, Alejandro Pelayo RangelAlong with Sergio Arau, the film’s director and screenwriter, Yareli Arizmendi is the screenwriter and actress of the filmHe will be responsible for showing the film on that day. At the end of the presentation, QHe will speak with these figures as well as with Alexandra Haas, Director of Oxfam Mexico, and Dr. Silvia Giorgoli, President of Mexico College.

Before the exhibition, Same day, May 29A special press conference will be held to the media, In the presence of Sergio Arau and Yareli Arizmendi, at 5:30 pm on the terrace From national cinema.

And in the United States as well The film will be celebrating its 20th anniversarywith events in National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago On May 14 and in Asu Yuhaaviatam Event Center in Los Angeles, California, on June 7.

“A day without Mexicans” The highest-grossing local film of 2004titles with humorous topics such as Racism, Discrimination, and Mexican Immigration to the United States. Even though it focuses on California, it shows The economic and social importance of Latinos in the aforementioned state And in the United States in general.

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The film is directed by Sergio Arau’s work has been exhibited throughout the American continent In European countries such as Russia, Germany, Spain and Italy. Her address was taken up at pro-immigrant rallies and sparked dialogue about the importance of immigrants in society.

“A day without Mexicans” It has won several awards, including Best Feature Film at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. 2004 and Best Screenplay at the Cartagena International Film Festival in Colombia in 2005.

Sergio Arau, recognized A musician, film director, and painter, he was an influential figure in the Mexican cultural sphere.Or as Yareli Arizmendi, the award-winning actress, writer and producer, came to prominence Participation in films and TV shows.

This celebration highlights the effect Cultural and social “A Day Without Mexicans” over the course of two decades, reaffirming its importance in cinema and in thinking about immigration and Latino identity in the United States.

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