Bodkin vividly captures the hype surrounding true crime podcasts

Bodkin (US-Ireland/2024). Creator: Geez, soon. ejaculate: Will Forte, Siobhan Cullen, Robyn Cara, David Wilmot, Chris Whaley. Available in: Netflix. Our opinion: good.

Strong demand From documentaries Real crime (Based on true crimes) It generated an inevitable domino effect and television narratives emerged that put a magnifying glass on the screen behind the scenes Who brought details of anomalous events to the podcast format and a way to answer the bigger question: Why are viewers drawn to stories that show the most despicable side of humanity? with Murders only in the buildinga union of three people with not much in common who bonded as a result of their voracious consumption of propaganda Real crimeWhich led them to create a podcast that allowed them to move through cases like amateur investigators, able to see what escapes the more experienced eye due to their life experiences.

On the other hand, the series Based on a true story He set out to investigate the craze of crime podcasts through a record of their conventions, the nerve center of book-selling scandalous events, interviews in which the disease was voiced, and a window into the “New Voices” podcast revealed.

In both cases, especially in Based on a true storyOne can glimpse a merciless critique of the dehumanization of victims by those who exploit their suffering, a critique carried out with black comedy as an ally. Bodkinthe new 7-episode fantasy series by Jez Scharf that arrived on Netflix in May, manages to avoid comparisons with other “podcast kitchen” productions and does so by adding a somewhat strange addition given its premise: com. showrunner The screenwriter knows when to abandon the details of this podcast so that the focus of his narrative is solving an old case left unresolved in a coastal town in Ireland during the celebration of Samhain, the expensive festival that marks the beginning of the winter season.

Bodkin combines action with dark humor (Image: Netflix)

Bodkin combines action with dark humor (Image: Netflix)

Bodkin Begins with audio commentary by Gilbert Bauer (Will Forte), Famous Podcaster Somewhat naive, he only cares about the surface of the crimes he tells, telling us of the deep connection he will have with the least likely person, Dove Maloney (Siobhan Cullen is excellent), a journalist with a troubled past who considers Gilbert’s work a disgrace to investigative journalism. In a confusing episode, Dove is asked to take some time away from the newspaper to experiment with new formats. Thus, Gilbert enters the scene, who, along with his assistant Amy (Robyn Cara) and the reticent Maloney, must travel to Bodkin to prepare a podcast about the case that has stirred up a town that is less friendly than it seems.

The series happens The perfect balance between an image of Irish privacy – Dove, originally from Dublin, contributes her knowledge of the lore of the place – and the start of an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of three people Which the people of Bodkin seem to have no interest in.

Bodkin, behind the scenes of a podcast recorded in an Irish town Bodkin, behind the scenes of a podcast recorded in an Irish town

Bodkin, behind the scenes of a podcast recorded in an Irish town

Although the case itself offers plenty of plot twists that could undermine a viewer’s interest, Scharf relies on dark humor in his scenic take on a place that seems frozen in time that Gilbert must decipher with Dove’s help, and not to the point that he can… The podcast comes to fruition but only until he can make peace with the past in Ireland that he fled when he had the first opportunity to do so. His connection to Gilbert and the way they both feel challenged by the context gives the series a certain humanity, with characters that deviate from stereotypes and are more engaging than the fact that they are trying to break through after decades of secrecy and apparent armor. .

The first season of Bodkin It is now available on Netflix.

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