A new PS4 and PS5 game can be downloaded for free for a limited time

For one month, a new adventure and puzzle proposal is available for free on both devices.

The new PlayStation gift reaches all players

Following the exciting news announced at State of Play in September, all eyes are on the upcoming months filled with PlayStation releases. However, currently Interesting things are being releasedhas now produced one Completely freealthough it’s for a limited time, so you should get it as soon as possible to keep it in your catalog for life.

PlayStation Store allowed Download We Were Here Missions: Friendship for free, An adventure and puzzle game in which players can enjoy their puzzles online. “Everything depends on communication, teamwork and trust“, anticipating a title that puts players alone at sea, ending up on a desert island where a mysterious ship attraction is found in an abandoned amusement park…

Do you think you and your best friend can overcome any challenge together? We want to see you try it! This new standalone experience from We Were Here will test your friendship. To prove that your friendship can overcome anything, you will need to solve many challenging puzzles.

PlayStation Plus gaming wave

In addition to free games for all players, subscribers to the services offered by the console receive a large number of titles. Games earmarked for September 2023 in the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog, including up to 20 new suggestions that will join on September 19. This completes the catalog for this month, as free PlayStation Plus Essentials games are now available to download on both PS5 and PS4.

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In a few weeks full of video game releases, we will have to be very attentive to them Possible additional gifts for all players. In case Here Were Expeditions: Friendshipthe name of the game in Spain, the title It will be available for free until October 13.

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