Want to travel to the United States: No dates for obtaining a tourist visa until 2022 and 2023

There are no US visa dates until 2022 and 2023

Many citizens have complained that the visa deadlines are too late. Many even say that for this reason they had to cancel flights or that they requested opportunities because they could not get the document in time to be able to travel.

Embassy spokespersons confirmed to Colprensa that the visa appointment process has been delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic and the various closures that have taken place. Additionally, during 2020, no total entry of citizens into the United States was allowed to care for the population from new virus infections.

However, they made it clear that the application process has not changed, neither the approval or rejection of the document, everything remains the same, but Flight times are getting longer, and there are even those who have scheduled their dates until 2023.

“The various restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic have reduced the ability to recruit during the pandemic, which has resulted in a significant backlog of immigrant and nonimmigrant visa applicants waiting for their visa interview. The US Consular Affairs Office explained to Colbrensa that the Department of State is working to reduce this backlog while ensuring that The safety of our employees and applicants and the protection of our national security.

However, the embassy confirmed that it is simplifying these procedures and that it is proceeding to highlight the process itself as a priority because it is a consular procedure, but so far, the waiting periods remain the same.

As the embassy made it clear Mission-specific visa categories, including student (F and M), exchange (J) and work-based visas, are prioritized for Type B visitors only if they are emergency travel. Citizens who require priority visas can obtain a pre-appointment for their interview date, by submitting a pre-appointment for the appointment on the Embassy’s page.

The department is committed to transparently sharing the current status of our visa operations around the world and will continue to provide regular updates. The North American Office confirmed that information regarding delays in processing immigrant visas will be publicly available in the future.

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Step by step on how to process a tourist visa from Colombia:

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Enter the website of the US Embassy in Colombia.

Complete the online visa application form, DS-160. The DS-160 is an online form for the US government and can only be completed at this link. Each applicant must complete this form before using any service on this website.

Return to the website and complete the following application steps to schedule an appointment with the US Embassy:

Create a user account.

Add the applicant’s information to complete the registration.

Enter the DS-160 confirmation number for each person applying for a visa.

Enter an address or select a location where you want to receive your documents.

Pay the nonimmigrant visa (MRV) application fee using one of the payment methods available in your country of residence.

Make an appointment with the embassy.

Make an appointment with the embassy.

After your interview, follow the specific instructions given to them or check this website for visa status and receipt of information.

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