If you install Windows 11 on an old PC, Microsoft washes its hands

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Windows 11 has arrived with bad news under its arm. Microsoft’s new operating system could not be installed on older computers that did not meet certain processor and motherboard requirements. Now the company has backtracked on that, but with a slight difference. If something happens to your computer it’s your fault.

How did we explain in fastAt first, only 8th generation Intel Core processors (released in 2017), AMD Zen 2 (released in 2019), and Qualcomm Series 7 or later were compatible with Windows 11. Publish on your websiteThe company said shortly thereafter that it would test devices with seventh-generation Intel and AMD Zen 1 processors before the operating system’s official launch, to determine which older PCs could meet its “principles”.

To improve system reliability, Microsoft requires CPUs that have adopted the new Windows driver model. The company says that manufacturers of compatible PCs and processors achieve a 99.8% error-free experience. In terms of compatibility, Windows 11 now has the same minimum requirements as Office and Microsoft Teams: a 1GHz dual-core CPU, 4GB of memory, and 64GB of storage.

Microsoft has launched an online app called computer health check Which allowed users to check if their PC met the minimum requirements needed to install Windows 11. Unfortunately, the app caused quite a bit of confusion and was terminated by Microsoft pulling out To re-enable it shortly. It keeps giving sporadic phalluses as invalid for Windows 11 PCs.

The point is, Microsoft has now inserted a new message into the Windows 11 installer. The first to find out was that it was my technician the edge. The message warns the user that it is not recommended to install Windows 11 on the computer you are running the operation on due to hardware compatibility issues and that any problems caused by this installation will be the user’s responsibility. The message says:

It is not recommended to install Windows 11 on this PC, and this can lead to compatibility issues. If you continue to install Windows 11, your computer will not be supported and will not be eligible for updates. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage to your computer due to potential incompatibility.


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