Christina Kirchner smashes Ramiro Mara after his statements against Bakabaka: “Memory”

After the accusation of the candidate for the presidency of the government of Buenos Aires Freedom advances (no), Ramiro Maranaturally “Indoctrination” From the government children’s channel Bakabakavice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner responded via her account Tik Tok.

The Vice President of the Nation used her account on the Chinese social network, which she opened on Monday, and She uploaded a video of her behavior when she was president, in which she referred to… Bakabaka And the cartoon character Zampa, To refute the statements of the Buenos Aires candidate Javier Miley.

“Encuentro and Pakapaka also operate here. Now they no longer put Donald Duck in our ranks, now we have Zampa, San Martin, Belgrano and Juana Azurduy. “Now we have our heroes who created reality and culture for all Argentines,” Fernández de Kirchner said on that occasion, concluding his speech: “Freedom, culture, memory, truth and justice forever and ever.”

What Mara said about Baka Baka, “indoctrination” and the Spanish

Mara stated that if the LLA wins, the state media will be eliminated and relegated to children’s television. “Is Bakabaka the cartoon that lowers ideology? Oh, it’s the Bakabaka channel? Are they reducing the ideology there, which is based on history? My mother, a history teacher, told me. “I don’t look, I don’t have small children,” the LLA candidate began his statement in an interview with intellectual property.

He added: “My mother is a history teacher and she told me that there are fewer ideological tendencies in Bakabaka. She is a big lady, imagine, she has a lot of experience, and It tells me that they tell the story a certain way. “I’m not a bakabaka specialist, sorry.”

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Days later, in another interview with Extra Channel, he once mentioned that a “boy” had told him this “In Pacabaca they said the Spaniards were the bad guys and the Argentines were the good guys.”where journalist Thomas Mendes asked him his opinion.

Miley’s candidate replied that it was not so, that “Pakabaka says those things” and launched out: “You think the Spaniards are the bad guys. Well, I’m telling you, I’m Spaniard, I have a Spanish passport, my grandparents are Spaniards, my great-grandparents were not.” Bad and I’m not bad. Try to respect my country, a matter of respect if you think they are the bad guys. “I am Argentine and Spanish and I do not like when you tell history in a partial way,” the candidate for prime minister responded angrily while the journalist told him that his situation is similar but that does not mean that he cannot acknowledge historical facts.

Finally Mara finished: “Look, I’m Spanish! Do you know what the problem is? This is a ruling, so what’s going on? I’m part of a country that has done things wrong, and I don’t understand where they are.” We’re going. It’s a story told one way, told another way. They told me that this is a country that welcomes in its national constitution all people who want to live there. My grandparents are immigrants, they came from Spain, my parents were born and then I was born. “The story is poorly told, and I don’t like the way it’s being told, and I don’t like the bias they give to Bakabaka.”

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