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Ethan Hawke, one of the most famous actors in United StateIn 2018, he was surprised to reveal his taste for superhero movies. In the midst of the premiere of ‘Doctor Strange 2’, users of Social media They have reappeared in the video Widely by Ethan as he thinks of the genre, which some love and others hate.

In 2018, during an interview with RayWork Productions that went viral on social media, Ethan Hawke gave his view on superhero movies. “I like superhero movies, I like art house movies. I don’t think there is a difference between high art and folk art.”hook detection.

From this standpoint, he highlighted the professionalism of the actors in films of any kind.

“There are movies that people put their hearts into, and there are movies that people try to make money from. The people I love are the ones who put their hearts in theirs.” The actor said according to .

“You can feel that in a superhero movie, you can feel that in a horror movie, or you can feel that in an Art House movie.” added.

This year’s Moon Knight series (Moon Knight in English) premiered, where exactly Ethan Hawke plays the evil Arthur Harrow, a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Ethan Hawke’s favorite Dr. Strange and Logan

Ethan Hawke, during a 2018 interview, mentioned that his favorite superhero movies are Doctor Strange, The Dark Knight and Logan. However, he thought about the competition that exists in this genre.

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“Now, it’s all a competition: they want to tell you what Rotten Tomatoes rating is, what the box office is… but what matters is what this movie means to you. This isn’t about winning the game. Art isn’t that.”pointed out.

Scorsese and Ford Coppola, against the superhero movies

Although superhero movies are well received by millions of people and actors like Ethan Hawke, there are also critics of the genre. Francis Ford Coppola, director of the Godfather trilogy, called it “vile” and “prototypes were made over and over again.”

For his part, Martin Scorsese, director of The Wolf of Wall Street, described the Marvel films as an amusement park, but it does not have positive connotations, according to a difference. .

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