San Lorenzo: Another rally for the fans against Tinelli and Lamens | After the suspension of the House of Representatives, the call was at the headquarters on La Plata Street

Shouting “Let them all go, and no one left,” many San Lorenzo fans gathered at Boedo Club’s headquarters on La Plata Boulevard at 1700, the spot where the club used to have a historic gas meter.

“We invite all members and fans of San Lorenzo to demonstrate on Avenida La Plata, the place and time where the Assembly of Representatives should have been held. Because if they do not dare to show their faces, we will go the same way,” Boedo’s Con the Soul group was quoted as saying.

The organization indicated that the management of Matthias Lammens and Marcelo Tinelli, who indicated that they are the main responsible for the $ 14 million deficit accused by the club’s professional football team.

Tinelli had announced his resignation from the club’s presidency via social media, and then the leadership raised the possibility of holding early elections, in line with the claim of various opposition groups to lead the club.

However, the TV presenter did not officially add his resignation, and with regard to the progress of the elections, the only thing that happened was the suspension of the House of Representatives that was scheduled to take place on Thursday at the headquarters of La Plata Street, where the new stationed. fan of.

Opposition member Cesar Francis raised the need to set a date for the elections. While the leadership announced that it would have to wait for Tinelli’s official resignation. expected, as expressed by Lammens in his public letter. They warned in the ruling party that it is necessary to wait for the response of the former president of the professional football league and set a date for Monday to discuss the elections.

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