Viral Instagram: These are the ratings window cleaners in Canada have

The American Dream It is one of the Desires that many Latinos pursue. Poor salary and constant insecurity cause many people Look for a better opportunity in the United States or Canada. After all the measures to prevent immigrants from working in the Star Bar country, Many workers go out of their way to get more peace.

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already in canada, Foreigners start looking for a job To be able to send money to their relatives and thus achieve a better lifestyle. in the past hours The boss recording started to spread What is proven The educational professions enjoyed by its employeesdedicated to Building window cleaning.

This video is private.are the words said by the manager before going with each employee and discovering what they have studied in their countries: Journalist, sales manager, chemical engineer, accountant, teacher and psychologist are the answers given by the workers. At the end of it all, the person who recorded the events said: “So they don’t say we don’t hire people who are willing.”

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So far, it adds event logging Millions of views Where you can read messages like “Success girls! It’s just a new beginning. I am sure they will succeed.”“,” They join together and set up a company, each in their own area. License, Sales Manager, Chemical Engineer, Accountant… “,” “I already have a bachelor’s degree, where do I sign to go?”Or, “And the saddest thing is that in Canada, of course They make a much better living cleaning windows than they do in Latin America.”

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