He finds a “dinosaur claw” in his garden and leaves the experts scratching their heads

A woman was shocked Discover the mystery In her garden was her house Deformed “dinosaur claw”.or something similar from an unknown animal that vets can’t identify.

Laura Morecroft, 36, she was responsible for the discovery, and said she thought it was a “dinosaur claw” when she and her husband discovered the remains at their home in Flintshire, Wales, UK.

“Dinosaur Claw” or something else

“We just got back from a walk and my husband noticed it on the lawn,” she recounts.

Laura Moorcroft said she immediately thought it was “a dinosaur claw”.

“It seems to us that from prehistoric times: a Scaly, resembling a lizard’s claw. We are big fans ofJurassic Park“So we immediately thought it was from a dinosaur,” Moorcroft admitted, musing woman.

Faced with doubts, Moorcroft decided to seek a more qualified opinion, so he contacted Chester Zoo (England) and a nearby veterinarian.

At first, they both held it It came from a bird, but even they can’t agree on the species. The mystery surrounding the discovery persisted.

Someone said it was like a a pheasant and the other a turkeySo we still don’t know anything,” Laura continued in disbelief.

A “dinosaur claw” was found in his garden, causing experts to bewildered.

But doubts soon arose: “And if it came from poultry or some kind of game fowl, What happened to the rest of the animal? And How did the claw end up in that place?‘ the woman asks.

Speculation about the mysterious claw in the park

By sharing her photo online, Laura got the locals to start theorizing.

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Some said it was from a bird, but others suspected it was from a reptilian species Crocodile, crocodile or turtle.

More than one person noticed the similarity with A VelociraptorSome even joke that it’s from the movie monster seen in 1984’s Gremlins.

Artist rendering of Velociraptor mongolensis.

Modern birds are descended from theropods, a group that includes birds of prey and Tyrannosaurus rex, according to Scientific American.

Arkhat Abzhanov, Harvard biologist“The closest bird was almost identical to the late embryo of Velociraptor,” he told the magazine.

Unlike their cinematic counterpart, true feathered Velociraptors were about the same size as turkeys.

They measured the mysterious claw found in the garden of a house in the UK.


The baffling result comes next Remains of the world’s largest flying reptile will be discovered on the Isle of Skye From the Jurassic period.

They claim that a fossilized skeleton of the winged creature was found in a “near primitive state”despite the fact that pterodactyls date back about 170 million years, as the British newspaper points out.

It was found on Brother’s Point, the same promontory on the Trotternish Peninsula in Skye where it was discovered. Fossilized dinosaur footprints from about 170 million years ago.

Mysterious sea creature that died on a beach in the UK. reddit screenshot

At the same time, last December, disturbing photos of Mysterious sea creature dead on a UK beach.

The animal was nicknamed “The Loch Ness Monster” by some Reddit users, due to its resemblance to a creature from Scottish folklore.

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