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Events such as Saturday, May 6, when the coronation King Charles IIIreminding us that although most of the world’s countries are governed by republican models of government, in some countries monarchies still apply.

Look: Coronation of King Carlos III live: Catch the ceremony in the UK here

The monarch not only acts as the sovereign of the United Kingdom, but also 14 other territories, distributed between America and Oceania, consider him their head of state.

Outdated for some, traditional for others. Functional in some cases and only symbolic in others.

Currently, we can find kingdoms of all kinds.

However, the trend indicates that the majority of monarchies that we currently find in Europe and Asia have a marked inclination to the constitutional-parliamentary model.

While the cases we find in the Middle East (in West Asia) are still characterized by a great deal of absolute monarchies and theocracy.

Here’s the interactive I developed commerce Discover the main characteristics of the monarchies that still exist in the world.

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