Video: He put virtual reality glasses on his cows and managed to increase milk production

A farm owner in Aksaray, central Anatolia region in Turkey, has turned to virtual reality technology Increase the daily amount of milk your cows produce. The device displays images of animals of lush, sunny grasslands, enhancing their sense of well-being during the winter.

To this end, farmer Izzat Kojak He installed virtual reality glasses on two of his dairy cows to show them pictures From sunny lawns full of green grass. In this way, he intended to improve the emotional well-being of the animals, especially in winter.

According to Kojak, The ingenious plan actually worked, and the holidays went on to produce from 22 to 27 liters of milk per day. The farmer said he was inspired by a similar experiment conducted in Russia in 2019 and that he plans to buy Russian-made VR glasses that, unlike the ones he uses, are specifically designed to fit the anatomy of cows.

“We contacted the company in Russia”

kochak He claimed that glasses in Russia cover both eyes of animals, but he experimented with giving an image of one of the glasses.

Noting that the cows cover their other eyes with glasses, Kocak said: We make our animals listen to relaxing music using virtual glasses And we walked through the vast grass. We achieve this success even with one eye. We also contacted the company that produces glasses in Russia. Hopefully, if we manage to raise all ten cows, we will order Russian glasses for our whole herd. ”

By saying that he also plays classical music for animals in his work, kochak He said, “That too It comforts the souls of our animals. We follow our animals through the herd tracking system in our business. Thanks to the microchip attached to their ankles, we can trace how they ruminate how they give their milk,” it was published daily Mail.

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