WhatsApp trick to see if someone not using double blue verification has read your message

The WhatsAppThe world’s most used messaging app, lets its users know about it If someone else calls to read your messages or not by double blue mark. Of course, this cannot be done if that person disables this feature, although there is a way around this barrier.

Meta (formerly Facebook) has been offering since 2014 the option to mark messages as read with two blue ticks. Before that it had two grays, indicating that the message had been received. But if someone set it not to mark as “read” on chats, We have an option to see if you read a message: Add it to a group and follow the given steps.

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How do you know if those who do not use blue accents have read our messages

  • on whatsapp, Create a new group With friends, family or contacts we want to take this test with
  • send a message for that group
  • After a while, select the message we sent, and click on the three dots Options and select Info.
  • There we can Find out if the person read the message and at what time. The option also indicates who has received the chat but has not yet read it.

Even a few months ago, there was another trick to see if someone had read a message: sending an audio clip. A blue double check will appear in the sender if it has been copied. But that changed in the last year and voicemail messages can now be heard without the double-tone.

Enable or disable read receipt

  • In WhatsApp enter Settings → Account
  • in privacy Deactivate the “Read Receipts” option
  • Disabling this also works for us: we won’t send read receipts but we won’t receive them either
Option to disable read receipts.
Option to disable read receipts.

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