Finding a pyramid “like the one in Egypt” in Antarctica: What is its origin – News

The discovery of a mysterious image in Antarctica resembling the pyramids of Egypt lit a fuse on social media, and users began developing all kinds of conspiracy theories, even stating that it had been built by UFOs.

The truth is that this formation that appeared in the Ellsworth Mountains, the highest mountain range in Antarctica that crosses part of the Argentine territory on the continent, was caused by the action of strong storms and strong winds in the region, which gave it the shape of a pyramid. It has formed rock structures with precise geometry that appear to be man-made.

These are called natural pyramids Nonnatax As we mentioned, they are geological formations of natural origin that were formed thousands of years ago by Mother Nature.

Many social media users were not satisfied with this explanation and stated: “How did they move the pyramids from Egypt to Antarctica?” Was it aliens?And other comments in the same vein.

Some have also speculated on the theory that some local civilizations were the ones who built these pyramids, but the truth is that the icy climate that prevails in Antarctica would have made achieving this type impossible thousands of years ago and even today would be very difficult. To do this with the technological advances available.

Finally, it should be noted that these “Antarctic pyramids” are located at an altitude of 11,219 meters and are unique in the world of their kind. It is almost impossible to visit them, but pictures of them have spread Google Earth They influence and travel the world.

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