UNT College of Medicine requires young people to get vaccinated

Anti-vaccine campaigns and fake news spread through social networks are affecting young people who decide not to receive the coronavirus vaccination. It is a situation of concern in the field of the Ministry of Health of the province, and has also generated repercussions in the area of ​​the National University of Tucumán.

The Board of Directors of the University of New York Medical School decided today to urge citizens to act responsibly in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In this sense, the authorities of that institution are headed by the Dean Demetrio Matteo Martinez He expressed concern about not wanting to be vaccinated.

For this reason, the Board of Directors has asked the scientific and academic sectors “to seriously and resolutely address the informational fallacies of an anti-vaccine trend that is contributing to the loss of life.” To publish any information they consider appropriate,” they said. It is a statement.

“We appeal to the civic conscience of young people, especially to the university to assume its full historical responsibility for vaccination – while respecting individual liberties – and – adds the document. It ignores baseless rumors, attends to the topic, and overcomes fears. Due to lack of time and information, she became a spokesperson for a process affecting on them and on the elderly, thus becoming the pillars of a vaccination campaign aimed at alleviating the serious effects of the epidemic.”


Medical school warned that driving without a bag on a motorcycle, driving a car while drunk, wearing a chin strap as a apron or not receiving a vaccination, generates the same result: it jeopardizes personal health and harms the sense of community responsibility, which is the basis of the social contract.

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He warned that “the reluctance to vaccinate is more harmful in the case of university representatives due to their position of opinion, especially if they belong to the field of health sciences.”

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