October 14, 2022 Wordle Spanish, dialects and world

Finally, we get to the last working day of the week, and before we start having fun with our friends and family, we will do Wordle challenges and, as usual, give you solutions for the normal mode, but also the accents and scientific one. And we give you some hints so you can beat it without even having to look at our solution.

Once again we help you to solve each of the hidden word puzzle games. wordfirst it gives you the clues so you can share and finally the solution to each of them.

The structure is the same as always, and we will tell you exactly how each of mystery From spanish wordleSimilar but not the same, we give you four clues that we think are more than enough for you to solve a problem words.

That is why to solve all the puzzles, you have to try different words and thus find the solution in Spanish Wordle.


Forgotten video game characters. but who are you?

Wordle Spanish, dialects and the world of the solution for today, October 14

In this guide we help you find Solve all hidden words in Wordle in Spanish, whether normal challenge, accents challenge or science challengegives you clues for each of them.

Normal Wordle in Spanish 281: Clues and Solution for October 14, 2022

First we will tell you how to play:

  • You must find the hidden word in a maximum of six attempts
  • Each attempt must be a word in the dictionary and of five letters
  • For each attempt, the color of the letters will appear if it is correct or not, enter the following: if the letter has a green background, then you have corrected the letter and its position as well; If the background is yellow, it means that the letter is inside the word but you did not get the correct position; If the background is gray, then the character is not inside the solution.
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  • start with me
  • n
  • ends in a


You’re about to find out the solution to the regular challenge, which you’ll see in the next paragraph, so don’t read on if you still don’t want to know what the word means.

We warned you, the solution to the normal challenge in Spanish is:


Wordle with 228 Spanish accents: clues and solution for the word October 14, 2022

how to play:

  • The word solution can consist of 5 to 7 letters
  • Inside the word there is a letter that has an accent
  • Accented vowels are independent of regular vowels.


  • start with v
  • Medium sized venomous snake.


You are about to find out about a Wordle solution with dialects, and it will be available in the next paragraph for your consideration.

We have already warned you, the solution to this dialect challenge is the following:

a snake

Wordle in Scientific Spanish 215: Clues and Solution for the Word October 14, 2022

First we tell you how to play:

  • Same procedure as above
  • Solve words from 5 to 7 letters
  • Solving words related to science


  • Start with VA.
  • ends in A.
  • A cell organelle present in all eukaryotic cells of a plant.


Then you will find the Wordle solution in scientific Spanish, and you will find it in the next paragraph, so you are already warned.

The solution is as follows, just below this line:

succulent gap

With this we already have Solve Wordle in Spanish in normal mode, dialect mode, and scientific mode on October 14, 2022And tomorrow you’ll have one on October 15th.

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