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Do you remember the funny and eccentric Leandro Santos in “Hawk’s passionWho could forget that? Now that the second season of the hit TV series has been announced, many of his fans are wondering if this character was ever played by Sebastian Boscan, It will continue in the new installment. Several actors have already announced if they will be in the Telemundo production and this is what the actor had to say about it.

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In an interview with Minuto Colombia, actor Sebastián Boscán talked about his beginnings in his career and the impetus his character Leandro Santos from “Pasión de Gavilanes” gave him, one of his most beloved fans. Leandro was the unconditional friend of Oscar Reyes, because he always supported him in all of the crazy things he did.

Who is Sebastien Boscon?

Sebastian Boscan is an actor born in Medellin. He identifies himself as curious and a friend of the neighborhood. That good character and the fact that he is a socialite helped invite him to take part in a traditional business in his neighborhood, which was crucial for him to decide that acting was his thing.

At the age of 17 he sought and traveled to the United States, where it was illegal in order to fulfill his dream of being an actor. There he finished high school and started various workshops to prepare himself as an actor. “I never dreamed, I made plans because the rest is intangible.”The Pisa artist said of the importance of training and taking risks, because that’s how he found his first job on “Secret Flight” and later moved on to “Fathers and Kids”. He has participated in more than 28 television, film and theater productions.

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Fame came to him with “Pasión de Gavilanes”. He says he submitted himself for casting which he considered missing, and finally got it in front of 25 of his co-stars who objected to that character. Thus, with his dedication and creativity, he forged a long career in productions such as “Woman in the Mirror”, “Trace Keynes”, “Queen of the South”, “Law of the Heart”, “Crazy for You”, “Block Search”, “General Naranjo”, from Among other things.

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Will Sebastien Poussin return to Bassian de Gavilan?

You can see that there is a lot of enthusiasm on the part of Sebastien Boscan’s followers, who are eager for him to announce the return of Leandro Santos to the hit series.”Hawk’s passion‘, after nearly 20 years.

And the actor revealed in this regard that he has not yet been called up for the second season of Julio Jimenez’s novel, so the question remains.

Sebastian Boscan is remembered for his role as Leandro in “Pasión de Gavilanes”. (Photo: Telemundo)

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