Two ways to pass Wi-Fi passwords from one computer to another

The methods accommodate different types of users. (Frebek)

For those who have a computer with an operating system Windows There are two ways to pass a Wi-Fi password From one computer to another, without having to type it manually in case you forget it.

The two existing methods require several steps, so we must follow them carefully so that we do not encounter problems, and in the end we can pass the password to enjoy the Internet on the second computer.

Doing it this way requires several technical steps, as we will access options that the user does not traditionally have access to because they are more advanced configurations. But by following the steps it will be possible to pass the password:

1. Create a backup folder. To get started you need to go to your desktop and create a folder named “WiFi_Backup”. Then right-click and select the Copy as path option, as this will be necessary for the next steps.

2. Type CMD in the taskbar search field and then click Run as administrator, which is an option on the right side of the window.

3. Once this window opens, enter the following command: netsh wlan export profile key=clear folder=”[ruta carpeta]. It is important to ensure replacement[ruta carpeta]” with the previously copied address and press Enter to have Windows create an XML file in the backup folder for each Wi-Fi profile on the computer.

The methods accommodate different types of users.

4. Move the backup folder to the other computer using an external storage device or any file transfer method.

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5. Import the Wifi profiles to the new computer. Running CMD again as administrator, we type the following in that window: netsh wlan add Profile filename=”[ruta al archivo XML]”User = current. Again, we must replace the “[ruta al archivo XML]”With the location of the XML file we copied earlier.

Although this method is a bit technical, it is effective. Although it is only possible to transfer Wi-Fi profiles one by one, it is a long process if you have multiple networks saved.

The second method is synchronization Wi-Fi passwords Through the account Windows. This method is faster, but involves using the cloud Microsoft To store passwords. These are the steps to follow:

1. Open Windows Settings by pressing Win + I keys.

2. Go to Accounts option and then select Windows Backup.

3. Activate the Remember my preferences button.

The methods accommodate different types of users.

4. Click the arrow on the right labeled Windows Backup. Make sure the Passwords and other Windows settings option is activated.

5. Open the same Windows account on the second computer and repeat the same steps above, making sure that the backup includes your Wi-Fi credentials.

This method is more flexible and accessible for some users, although some may not prefer it because their private information, such as Wi-Fi access passwords in this case, will be stored in the cloud and they prefer not to be exposed to any security risks.

Operating system update Microsoft It will be responsible for creating security alerts when the user performs this action to prevent him from falling victim to cyber attack attempts such as Impersonation or phishing on various web pages.

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“Enhanced anti-phishing security” for Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Windows It will identify secure websites in browsers and display a pop-up reminding users that copying and pasting a password into a form represents a serious security risk.

“If your password is stolen from this site, attackers will be able to use it for other sites as well. Use a password Unique and secure to keep your personal information safe,” is the message that will appear on your computer screen. Additionally, Windows will recommend changing the device password, although the user can override this option.

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