A leak about former judge Sergio Moro revealed Lava Gato’s violations Brazil’s Supreme Court nullified all evidence of the operation

The leak, known as “Moroleaks”, was fundamental to the Federal Supreme Court Acceptance of the request to defend President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Cancellation of evidence obtained from cooperation agreements with directors of Odebrecht. Brazil’s highest court recognized that this evidence had been obtained illegally Former judge Sergio Moro And former prosecutors Operation Lava JatoThe president’s arrest was considered an act “One of the biggest judicial errors in the country’s history.”.

The decision of Superior Judge Antonio Dias Toffoli was published in response to a request from Lula’s defense, which provided access to the files of “Operation Impersonation”, which investigated the hacking of the mobile phones of former judge Moro. In his 135-page decision, Toffoli published part of the leaked conversations in which Moro and Prosecutor Deltan Dallagnole participated, and admitted that they had used the anti-corruption allegation to “Putting a political leader behind bars, through bias, collusion, and falsifying evidence.”.

“In the end we’ll have a good day.”

The dialogues were the product of a hacker who gave away part of them Objectionthe Brazilian-American portal that published the chats under this category “Morolex”. The authenticity of the dialogues was later confirmed by the expertise of the Supreme Court. “In the end we’ll have a good day,” he told her. Moore In a conversation via Telegram with Dallagnol, Chief Prosecutor of Lava Jato. Dalagnol told him that he was preparing a complaint against Lula over the alleged bribery at an apartment in the Guaruja resort by OAS as compensation for contracts the construction company had obtained with state-owned Petrobras.

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For this case Lula was convicted in three cases, imprisoned for 510 days, and disqualified from participating in the 2018 elections. Which was won by Jair Bolsonaro, when opinion polls indicated that the former metallurgist was widely favoured. In other leaked conversations, Moro and prosecutors agreed on the procedures without informing the defense of the defendants, talked about working on journalists and defended them committing illegal acts due to their “public and media support.”

In the recordings, Moro, Dallagnole and other plaintiffs revealed illegal communications with the Swiss Attorney General’s Office and the US Department of Justice, without due process. In one of the conversations, Livia Tinoco, one of the prosecutors in the Lava Jato case, admitted that Moro, the Appeals Chamber of Porto Alegre and Television Globo had dreamed of seeing Lula imprisoned and described that moment as a “tragic moment.” “Multiple orgasm”.

Conversations between Moro and Dalaniol indicate that the current senator sought to prevent tensions between him and the Federal Supreme Court from paralyzing the investigations at a critical moment in the investigations in 2016. According to the newspaper Folha de São PauloMoro’s concern came when the Federal Police attached to the investigation reports some documents referring to the Odebrecht case without maintaining their confidentiality, which led to the material being revealed by the Brazilian press.

“It was a strong blow from behind by the federal police. Now I will be exposed.”Tell him Moore To Dallagnole. Faced with this situation, Moro, who a few days earlier had been indicted by the Special Forces for exposing Lula’s wiretapping operations, sent a letter to Dallagnole complaining that the police could not “commit this kind of mistake now.”

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Dalagnol promised the then judge his unconditional support for the operation. “Know that not only is the vast majority of society with you, and that we will do whatever is necessary to defend you against unjust accusations.” He also told him that they were just moments of “joyful spirits” and that he admired the calmness with which the then-judge faced “bad news and problems.”

‘Very serious consequences’

According to Supreme Judge Antonio Dias Toffoli, in addition to dealing directly with authorities in the United States and Switzerland, the judges acted without the necessary cooperation from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Public Security. For Toffoli, these negotiations led to “extremely serious consequences” for the Brazilian state and for “hundreds of defendants and legal entities in criminal proceedings, administrative offenses proceedings, electoral processes, and civil proceedings” in Brazil and abroad.

The Supreme Court had overturned the sentences issued against Lula in 2021 Considering that Moro and the prosecution persecuted the leftist leader politically to keep him out of political life. The current Brazilian president was barred from running in the 2018 presidential elections due to disqualification due to his later overturned conviction. Moro was Minister of Justice in Bolsonaro’s government after Lula’s imprisonment and is currently a member of the opposition Senate.

On August 21, the Brazilian federal justice system sentenced Walter Delgatti and six other people to 20 years in prison as part of the plagiarism operation. According to the judge of the 10th Federal Court in Brasilia, Delgatti and his accomplices tried to sell the illegally obtained information to the media for 200,000 reais (about 40,000 dollars). Delgati is the same one who admitted that the far-right Bolsonaro asked him to intervene in electronic voting machines.

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