Watch Dogs Legion will not receive any further updates and thanks fans for their support since launch

Ubisoft is previewing the year and a half of new content released for the open world action video game.

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It’s been about a year and a half since the release of Watch Dogs Corps. Since then, in Ubisoft Worked on quite a few patches and content updates that are almost finished. At least that’s how the development team wanted to comment on it a permit Where they thank fans.

The game has grown by leaps and bounds and includes plenty of content to explore, from the sprawling near-future city to the action-packed online mode. We couldn’t be more proud of the game we createdAnd we thank you for joining us this year during this London crossing,” according to details from the French company.

Technical correction 5.6 from last September as follows Latest Update for Watch Dogs: Legionalthough players can still find it Online Reward Circles To continue enjoying this open world action video game. The current circuit for Season 4, Rebels, will remain active until January 22nd to later make way for Season 5, Stripes. “Then seasons 3-5 will continue their cycle and return to the game, giving you a chance to get the rewards you missed.”

Since its release in 2020, Watch Dogs: Legion has added new game modes and new characters (With some returning to the saga) and several quality-of-life improvements that Ubisoft says have allowed them to deliver a game they can be proud of.

If you want to know more, you can read the file análisis de Watch Dogs: Legion In 3DJuegos who said this in her final lines: It was a tour of London funniest experienceWith lots of action, good stealth, lots of secrets to discover and a feeling of being in front of a big open world that makes the most of its design.

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