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Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft is ready for the historic first crewed flight to the International Space Station

Boeing’s Starliner capsule, after overcoming a delay, is ready for its first manned launch. (EFE/EPA/Cristóbal Herrera-Ulashkiewicz)

After years of delays and more than $1 billion over budget, the capsule Starliner to Boeing Ready for the first manned flight International Space Station (ISS)marking a defining moment for the company and for the company a pot.

This is the first manned flight of the capsule Starlinerwhere two pilots US Space Agency They will perform critical testing of the vehicle during a week-long stay at the station. This assignment seeks to show an alternative to already working Dragon crew to SpaceXwhich has so far launched 50 astronauts, astronauts and civilians into space on 13 manned flights since May 2020.

Unlike SpaceX, Boeing It encountered several technical issues that required extensive redo work and additional drone testing to resolve. But mission managers confirm that all known problems have been corrected, and that the spacecraft has undergone multiple improvements and comprehensive tests to verify its ability to safely transport astronauts to and from space. International Space Station.

The Starliner crewed test mission will launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. (Reuters/Steve Nesius)

Crew show mission It is scheduled to launch overnight on Monday, May 6, marking a pivotal moment for both Boeing As for a potwith the expectation that future tasks will alternate between Boeing And spacex, As confirmed by the news agency Associated Press.

Astronauts in command StarlinerBoth Navy test pilots and space veterans expressed confidence in the mission. Barry “Butch” WilmoreThe mission leader explained:Complete trust in the administration that makes the decisions…that is the past. This is not now“.

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For her part, the co-pilot Sunita Williams He highlighted the learning gained from previous experiences, ensuring that “We wouldn’t say we are ready if we are not ready.“. It is scheduled to be launched from Cape Canaveral Space Force Stationproving that it is the first time that astronauts have been launched using a rocket atlas Since the last mission Mercury For more than 60 years, he has published CBS News.

Barry “Butch” Wilmore and Sunita Williams expressed confidence in the ship and the decisions made by Boeing’s management team. (Reuters/Joe Skipper)

Atlas 5And equipped with a first stage engine RD-180 Built in Russia, it was qualified for manned flights, featuring highly reliable components and an advanced emergency failure detection system designed to ensure safe escape in the event of an imminent failure during launch.

In addition, Starliner It features powerful motors and foiling systems that allow this Wilmore And Williamsif necessary, trigger the abort manually, as well as provide direct manual control in the event of complications during launch or in orbit.

a trip Starliner It is not just an achievement Boeing But also for Commercial crew program Subordinate a potwhich after the retirement of the Space Shuttle, contracts were assigned to it SpaceX And Boeing With the aim of resuming the launch of American astronauts from American soil and ensuring increased access to space International Space Station.

Innovation and Safety: The Atlas 5 and its RD-180 engine are ready for manned flight. (EFE/John Grant/Boeing)

while SpaceX It achieved its goals of successfully sending astronauts into space, Boeing Through this mission, she seeks to prove that she is also capable of fulfilling the same commitment. Success in this task will not only validate the investment Boeing More than $1 billion to overcome the technical hurdles it has faced, but it will also strengthen its position as a vital participant in the future of human space transportation.

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Assuming the launch and mission go smoothly, Wilmore And Williams He will oversee a largely automated meeting with International Space StationThis demonstrates the vehicle’s ability to execute the required flight path and intervene after a major failure if necessary.

It is expected that Starliner It lands on the ground, using parachutes and airbags to cushion the collision, a feature that distinguishes it from others Dragon crew to SpaceX. This landing was planned in White Sands Spaceport in New Mexicotaking into account favorable weather conditions.

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