“Two players wanted for third in Arabia: $4,000 plus a house”: this is how LinkedIn Football works

In the bottom section, the combinations that will get less than 300 thousand euros for exploitation audiovisual The salary is 20,000 euros. All of this is based on the fact that the first RFEF is a European semi-professional category and the third is an Arab one, a section in development that the Saudi state also wants to invest in.

Just a few days later, the specialized site published an even more impressive vacancy. “It was a proposal for a whole ‘staff’ in it Offered five million euros. At the volume level for the bus, I think it was the biggest supply in the 10 years we’ve been in business,” says Botella Nicholas.

FutbolJobs: 160,000 users in 160 countries

The idea for FutbolJobs, founded in 2013, stems from the experience of its creator, son Valentín Botella Ros, Head of Hercules between 2004 and 2012, which is the period in which they rose from the second class B to the first class. “From the outside I saw the actors doing their job. There were signs and moves, but a platform was missing It directly connects different users in the football world,” explains the CEO of the company.

Little by little, FutbolJobs has grown until it has reached more than 160,000 users from 160 different countries. “We offer a lot of services to our subscribers: supplementary training (professional courses and master’s degrees), advice, services related to football or summer exams, the third edition of which begins on July 26,” Botella Nicolás lists.

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Summer FutbolJobs events are coordinated by David Hera And the responsible coach is “Pancho” Guerrerowho scored the decisive goal that declared Surin, Ibagaza or Biagini champions of the Argentina U-20s in 1995. “For months, more than 100 footballers have submitted their applications,” explains the CEO of FutbolJobs. “Our ‘staff’ choose 22 weeks to spend two weeks focused as a professional team.

“The left back of the hero Braga”

Scouts, technical secretaries or agents attend these training sessions and matches. Its objective is the same as that of, for example, AFE Sessions: “most of them find a team to start the season”. For FutbolJobs, both in the ‘tests’ and in their offerings, it is important to involve the entire value chain. This is why they actively work with institutions, including Real Madrid, LaLiga, the RFEF Wave Johan Cruyff Foundation.

Offers come to FutbolJobs in two ways. The first, through clubs, academies or institutions that have an account on the platform and post their demands there. “On the other side, Our production team searches the networks for job vacancies This may be beneficial for our subscribers,” added Butella Nicholas.

Every job offer Pass filters to avoid fraud. Users can submit their resume, “feature” videos, or make inquiries with the viewer. Player registration is immediate and consists of filling in a form.

In addition to high-level jobs in Saudi Arabia, various opportunities such as “Director of Education at Stevenage FC UK” have been announced in recent days, He left for the club from Portuguese club Braga (Champions League) for 450,000 euros a yearOr “The head football coach of the Benin Primera team: 800 euros plus housing and bonus.”

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Argentina’s “boom” after the World Cup

In terms of which markets are the most moving, the CEO of FutbolJobs confirms that “it is clear that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Quite high, although we have always worked with them. That’s why offers from that country had such an impact, Especially after signings like Cristiano or BenzemaBut Spain, Italy and Europe in general have “always been there.” Butella also quotes Nicholas “Boom” in December-January of Argentina after winning the World Cup “.

Regarding requirements for offerings, descriptions are specific. For example, In demand for players from a third of Saudi Arabia, who is still active, describes the “urgent” need for “intelligent footballers: striker, left and right winger, playmaker, midfield defender and central defender”. This is just one of the 50,000 offers (an average of ten per day) that have been posted during the ten years of FutbolJobs’ life.

All this time he was there Hundreds of success storiesAccording to Botella Nicholas. And there will be many more, because once the player and the team communicate, FutbolJobs has already done its job. Sometimes we find out when a player has signed. It is important to clarify that we are not brokers or agents. He stressed that “contact between the two parties as soon as the separation takes place.”

Success Stories: Tony Hernandez and Gladys Esquivel

When the CEO was asked for examples that illustrate the history of FutbolJobs, two names emerged speaking proudly. On the one hand, “Real Madrid coach Tony HernandezAnd who found work in Rwanda And ended up winning titles there. He even dreamed of becoming the mukhtar of the African country.”

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to another,”Gladys Esquivel, a Chilean player who founded a team in Kazakhstan through a presentation on FutbolJobs. He ended up playing the Champions League last season against Manchester City. He is the only one from Chile, along with superstar Tian Endler (Olympique Lyonnais goalkeeper), Who has played the highest European competition“.

Life stories are built with a tool that strives to be “Social network of professionals and amateurs from the world of football”. This is the next goal set by the platform that, from its headquarters in Orihuela (Alicante), has opened up a world of opportunities. Will the next star of the Arab League come out of Football Jobs?

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