What function will replace states


Countries say goodbye to Whatsapp

Tab “state” will be replaced by “Updates”, which means a big change in the use of this tool. Under this section, users will find a new option called “searching for channels”, It will allow them to explore different contents that interest them. In addition, they will be able to add photos and videos to this feature, as the camera and editing options will still be available.

In simple terms, users will be able to create a channel where they can share updates about their life with friends and family. Popular broker WaBetainfo reported that this function is already available in the beta version of The WhatsApp for iOS


with the “channels”Users will be able to keep their contacts up to date on important events, personal achievements, trips, relevant news and much more. This functionality provides the opportunity to share important news and daily life events in an organized and structured manner.

In addition, the “channels” They allow greater interaction and sharing for contacts, as they will be able to comment and reply to shared updates. Not only will this feature enhance communication, but it will also strengthen the bonds between friends and family by giving them a dedicated platform to share meaningful moments.


Although it is currently in beta, Channels is expected to be officially launched in the upcoming WhatsApp update for all users. This new feature promises to revolutionize the way we communicate on the app, providing a richer and more personalized experience.

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Goodbye WhatsApp Web: what will replace it

the gate Android Policean expert on updates and advancements in the messaging service, confirmed that the desktop version was originally designed for other systems, with the exception of macOS or windowsso it will now reach all operating systems.

In turn, the new app It will provide more stability while using less system dataBecause it is designed Specifically for desktop operating systems.


For its part, said Meta, the company that developed the app change comes toDelivering a more simple, stable, and feature-rich messaging experience on desktop computers.”.

For those who have already undergone the change, a message will appear when the application starts Link to the new WhatsApp Desktop appAvailable in the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store.

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