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Hubble has captured a stunning nebula shaped like a space warrior

In the depths of the universe, The Carina Nebula houses a celestial formation Which has captivated scholars and amateurs alike: Mysterious mountain. He was arrested Hubble Space Telescopea certain area of ​​gas and dust represents a majestic shape Evoking the character of a space warrior.

With a “height” of three light years, approximately 190,000 times the distance between them Land And the sun, the mysterious mountain, the column eroded by Intense radiation from the young stars surrounding it.

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The photo taken is impressive Space Observatoryprogress A detailed view of this cosmic marvelwhich were observed from a certain angle, He looks like a fighter, or a guard, who protects the towers that surround him.

Hubble has captured a stunning nebula shaped like a space warrior. (Image: NASA/Twitter @MAstronomers)

What is the Carina Nebula?

The Carina Nebula, also known as the Beam Nebula or NGC 3372, is a nebula A giant cloud of gas and dust located about 7,600 light-years away Far from Earth, in the southern constellation Carina.

It’s about One of the largest and most active nebulae in our universe galaxy. Inside there are countless young, massive and hot stars, as well as open star clusters and star-forming regions.

This amazing formation is An invaluable object for astronomers studying the evolution of massive stars And the processes that occur in nebulae. Observations of this region allow us to better understand how stars are born, live and die, and how their life cycle affects the interstellar medium.

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