“Tom and Jerry”: new movie about cat and mouse shown in Uruguay – Tvshow – 21/03/2021

After postponements imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, commercial cinema premieres are hitting local billboard. This is the live version of Tom & JerryThis impossible pair of cat and mouse have spent their lives chasing each other and forming a loving bond. Starting Thursday, it will be possible to see him, dubbed in Spanish, in Grupocine, in his open rooms in Punta Caritas, Las Piedras and Rivera.

Directed by Tim Story (Fantastic 4, wonderful 4 silver surfing), Tom and Jerry find a fresh start on the adrenaline rush in the big cities. However, they will meet in a luxury New York hotel and put their good name in check before the so-called “wedding of the century”.

In the middle of running and adventure will be Kayla (Chloe Grace Moritz), Wedding planner who needs to do flawlessly, and event manager Terence (Michael Peña), with serious ambition.

Released in February in the United States (in theaters and live broadcasts), this family adventure is based on charisma Personalities of the duo William Hanna – Joseph BarberaCreated in 1940 and has a long history over the years on television, to celebrate the childhoods of a few different generations. They are exactly the same as always, and without speaking.

This will be the first movie to combine live action and animation (cat, mouse and the rest of the animals shown), but Tom and Jerry already have their ancestors in the cinema. The first version was called, simply, Tom & Jerry; It was directed by Phil Roman and it is from 1992 (in Uruguay, released in 1993). It had no good effect.

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The rest of the films that were made were released live on video or on television: that is the case Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring 2001 and Tom and Jerry take off to Mars s Speed ​​and Furry, Both from 2006.

About these figures acted Chloe Grace Moritz He said, “They were sacred in my childhood. I grew up with them. I used to see them every day and I think some of my first memories are seeing them.” Tom & Jerry“They really stimulated my imagination from a very early age and I keep these characters very close to my heart,” she affirmed.

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