Time to retest your PC performance

One of the PC version’s biggest flaws was the controversial anti-piracy system.

Motion vector Released a new update for Borderlands 3And with it comes great news for players who have already acquired the PC version: The Denuvo Anti-Piracy System, Which is particularly notorious because file encryption can have a very negative impact on a game’s performance.

Denuvo anti-tamper is one of the most popular adult protection systems PC versionsBut it is not surprising that some companies ended up withdrawing them after the critical sale period to satisfy the most dedicated fans. So much so, that if we make a little memory we will remember it The cool DOOM Eternal has received a huge flurry of criticism on Steam When I implemented Denuvo with a patch – that was an anti-cheat measure, which isn’t quite the same.

Several players blamed Denovo for his technical problems Whatever the case, when Borderlands 3 was released, many fans blamed the Denuvo for its freezes, jerks, and low frame rates; So this is the time to return to the game’s wild alien worlds and do some of them performance test.

New content available

Of course, to this day, Borderlands 3 has evolved with many content updates, DLC and the like. Players who have not yet made a jump can get Definitive edition This includes all of the available materials, but even so, there are some additives in the air. Without going any further, you can play all through January (until the 28th) Arms race mode As part of an event. In it, you will start playing with nothing and will have to prepare yourself to survive.

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