United States: “I will cancel the trip,” Argentine tourists’ reaction to the quarantine demand

Serena Terzolo, 23, said: “Although I plan to go in March, I would choose not to travel because mandatory isolation is not only expensive but also a waste of time.”

Surprise, uncertainty and even the possibility of canceling the flight. This was how Argentine tourists who planned to travel to the United States in the coming days reacted to President Joe Biden’s announcement that he would require everyone entering that country to comply with a quarantine of at least seven days. Yes good The measure has not yet entered into force, and the US president has given federal agencies two weeks to implement it.

One of these tourists is Lucia Ginghes, 26. The young woman, upon hearing the news, decided that she would change her transfer date to Miami again. “In principle I was leaving in March last year, but I changed it several times. Now with this announcement, Trip canceled again. It feels like a huge waste of money to pay for staying in isolation. Plus, I hear from many people who travel, who are infected there, and have to quarantine again. I had doubts about the trip because I was afraid that Argentina’s borders would be closed and that I couldn’t go back, but with this measure I’m sure I won’t go, “ pointed out.

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For Serena Terzolo, 23, the procedure will help reduce coronavirus cases, but she is also considering canceling her trip. “Although I am planning to go to the United States in March, I will choose not to travel since then Mandatory isolation isn’t just expensive. But it is a waste of time when planning a trip. Likewise, the scale seems fair to me because airports are a place where there is a constant conglomeration of people from different destinations. He explained that this would help prevent new cases from occurring, at the expense of reducing the likelihood of tourists traveling.

The opinion of Rossio Gonzalez, 24, differs because of her flight. “I will not cancel my ticket, because I will not travel, but I will visit my family in Florida. I also work Self-employed And I can do everything from there. If I was going on vacation, I think I’d cancel the trip. But since I would be in my cousins’s house, and I don’t even have to pay for the accommodation, I would do the same, ”he said. In addition, he emphasized that this procedure seemed better for him rather than closing the borders, as other countries do.

Impact on tourism

Noemi Sterni, owner of Súbito Viajes, explained that the measure is likely to be temporary. “In any case It hurts me a lot Because the United States, and especially Miami, is a popular destination Argentinians choose. I think a lot of people will suspend their trip because no one will go there, at this time, for quarantine. It is a disaster. On the other hand, he indicated that they would probably shorten the later solitude days, “little by little, as they did with New York: seven days ago, then three.

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Following the same line, Monica Akian, of AKZA Servicios Turisticos, identified the ad as harmful to the sector. He added, “The only destinations we were selling were Punta Cana, Cancun and the United States. Europe has been reduced a lot because it is winter, because of the curfew and the measures that have been taken. Now, because of this, we have been curtailed again. Activity. Unless for something specific, it will not.” People travel. You have to see what is happening in every state. In Miami, which the Argentines love, they added the polymerase chain reaction meter, and now this: the brakes more. “

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