Three devices that can serve as a Wi-Fi repeater at home

A cell phone, laptop, and even an old router can help extend the range of your wireless internet. (Unsplash)

A common problem in homes related to Internet Wireless is that the signal emitted from Router Installed is not enough to access every space where network access is required. Either because the range of the device is insufficient or because the signal is hopelessly blocked, the most obvious solution is to buy a repeater Signboard.

However, there are also ways to save a few bucks and use replacement hardware to just do the job instead of buying an additional one. The only thing users use wireless network It will be in order to properly configure each letter that will be used.

Mobile phones, computers and even other old routers can be used for these purposes if you have an extra device at home. These are the ways to adapt it to what you want:

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For this device, there are many ways to configure it as a home Wi-Fi repeater. For example, it is possible to get a file Electric switch To connect the phone to ethernet cable with which you can access the Internet wired and from that moment on, activate the option Wireless phone network” also “network anchoringAccess to the home network can be shared by mediko through other means such as Bluetooth.

Use your cell phone as a Wi-Fi repeater. (infobae)

Another way to use a file phone As a repeater that would associate it with a signal Wifi Wirelessly and under Configuration options enable Share data using a connection bluetoothalthough it is also pointed out that it is possible to do so by means of a USB.

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As a last resort, it is also possible to purchase a monthly data plan and just use it as a mobile router, although given the amount of data required for a desktop computer to access the Internet, this option is not highly recommended due to the amount of data that will be spent per month.

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The used laptop can also act as a signal repeater Wifi house. Indeed, in this case, it can be serviced as a device in active use and at the same time expand the range of the Internet signal.

However, since the reason for use is that the signal is not very strong, it is best to remain inactive since consumption data in it computer It may affect the performance of the rest of the devices that you want to link.

Use a laptop as a Wi-Fi repeater. (infobae)

To activate this function, all you have to do is log in sessionclick the option “Network and Internet” Then get to the section “Area with mobile wireless coverage” To correctly configure the connection type to share with other devices.

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To use this option, in principle, there must be an old, deactivated router in the house. In this context, the signal will not be accessible Wifi Only as a repeater because a wired connection would be necessary through an Ethernet cable which helps to extend the signal (don’t put the second router next to the first).

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In general, this method is more akin to owning a new router rather than a new one. signal repeaterbut the practical use that can be made of an idle auxiliary device already in the house is better than buying a new repeater.

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