eFootball 22 already has a date for its version 1.0; This is your news

eFootball 2022 will reach version 1.0.0 on April 14expected update to It was postponed last November. although football simulation Konami’s free software debuted in September, status It wasn’t exactly optimal By content and condition, packed with drawing bugs which turned him into a mockery and The worst rated game on Steam. “We have fixed the bugs, adjusted the gameplay balance and added new elements to make it more enjoyable for users,” the official account said. First impressions of the media that were able to access this version will be published soon.

“We were very focused on getting the match out on time for that We’ve lost the most important thing: quality. How could it be otherwise, we have received well-deserved criticism from our fans who were disappointed,” Konami admits to announcing its “full” release. Since then, the development team has been working hard to Restore the trust of our dear fansAs well as ensuring that football fans around the world can enjoy the game more. As part of our commitment to improving the game, we have added new commands and many elements (offensive and defensive) that are prevalent in modern football.”

“Although it was 6 months after the initial launch in September last year, we believe we have finally reached a level of quality that we are proud of,” says the company, which is promising future updates to continue its plan to look into it. electronic soccer A constantly evolving game.

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Building a new team with “Dream Team”

Plus a list of corrections and changes in PlayOne of the innovations in the update is perfect teamwhich replaces the mode creative team. “It’s not just about creating a team with the best players and managers. In this mode you can Choose the players and managers you want to sign. You will then be able to develop your players to suit your own style of play, which means you have virtually unlimited freedom to make up the team to your liking.”

“We received well-deserved criticism from our fans who were disappointed”

We will be able to create the perfect team with advanced and preferred players and style that suits your strategy. “Play against other users’ dream teams It has great confrontations against so many other ways of visualizing football that there are fans all over the world,” Konami describes.

No news on the mobile version of eFootball 2022

There is no confirmed date for the mobile version. Konami assures that they are working to obtain these releases as quickly as possible as long as the quality is up to the expectation. You’ll know the details soon, as the priority seems to be achieving minimal quality on consoles and PCs.

eFootball version 22

Changes in control and strategy, shooting, dribbling and internet

Konami reviewed the priorities in defense and Compression orders that were available in previous installments are introduced. A new command “Shoulder Charge” has been added so you can try to steal the ball more aggressively. “Aside from individual defense, we have also re-evaluated the elements of team defense. For this reason, we have implemented the Order Press. In addition to having multiple players chasing the ball, other team members will also work together to recover the ball” possession by covering the passing lanes and progressing Defensive line.

Passes will be faster to increase the pace of matchesThere is a new mechanic in the ball bounce and in general you will notice a Play Faster. Accompanied by improvements in artificial intelligence and player decisions. “In addition, we are adding a variety of shots and trajectories for every situation, such as the ‘Brilliant Shot’. We believe this will allow you to score goals of different types.”

eFootball version 22

Dribbling receives more realistic movements, better control response and running, aiming to give a better experience against the opponent’s defense. also Strategy functions are retrieved to change the configurationand individual tactics and instructions.

In connection with the online game and the reduction of empty matches, a client-server system is used, and ways are being sought to improve the response in online matches. The improvements will be continuous during the upcoming updates.

Konami reached the football title with his homework canceled, Experiencing bugs and bugs that make this game a clumsy game, surprising, since many actions are determined by the failures of the game itself “we indicated at its inception.” We’re not having a demo as Konami said, we’re having early access with a lot to do, such preparation is a player, from time to time giving us glimpses of what he could become, but he needs a lot of work in front of him to get to his level, which is the work that he has to Konami can do in the coming weeks and months if he really wants to present a football title he can reach his level..to compete with him FIFA At least on the grass, something they’ve achieved with their latest deliveries ESP“.

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