Google renews itself with the search engine: finding photos and places will be easier

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Google presented at this event Search ON Some important changes to make searches easier, especially with images.

The Google app available for iOS and Android has many changes. You can now take a picture of something that interests you ask questions specific.

Google explains it this way: the user can take a photo of a T-shirt print and then the photo must be added. Keyword, for example, tie. Later, similar searches appear.

It is currently available worldwide in English and will expand to more than 70 different languages ​​in the coming months.

This same tool also allows you to take a picture or upload a screenshot, and with the “near me” command, Google will return results from local stores that have what you’re looking for. This novelty is scheduled to be launched in United State next October.

(GIF: Google Blog)
(GIF: Google Blog)

In addition, they will add in the coming months Specific keywords It will appear when the user types in a search engine. An important part of this is the ability to quickly find the results that the user is looking for.

So in the coming months, Google will implement a faster way to find what a user needs. Essentially, when a person starts typing the text, the relevant content will be provided immediately, even before they finish writing.

(GIF: Google Blog)
(GIF: Google Blog)

Finally, they have implemented significant improvements to explore some locations in the world. When searching for a country or city, photos, description of the place, time of arrival, videos uploaded by users and even selected topics are automatically displayed, making the search more intuitive and flexible.

(GIF: Google Blog)
(GIF: Google Blog)

What’s new in Google Lens

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Another item that has been fully updated is google lens, which now, in addition to translating text from complex images, gives a more consistent result. So far, the original text has been covered by the new text.

When the feature is rolled out later this year, the AI ​​will create an entirely new style, with the pixels recreated to make it look like no changes have been made to the image. The best thing is that you can do it 100 milliseconds In simpler words, this means that you get it done in less than the blink of an eye.

(GIF: Google Blog)
(GIF: Google Blog)

Since Google, some search methods have also improved significantly. For example, some improvements Key words that appear below the search bar with all kinds of keywords:

– Search the image.

– Translate from the camera.

– Use screenshots and much more.

And launch it? They haven’t posted any information, but if they do, it will be in English on the app. iOS for the United States of America

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