This is the new Movistar Plus+ program “That’s My Jam” featuring Arturo Valls

Movistar Plus+ is finally available to all viewers, regardless of operator, and to mark this fact, the platform has announced a series of premieres at the Vitoria-Gasteiz FesTVal. ‘This is my jamOne of its strongest bets is in its premise of “best entertainment,” but what does the new program look like? Submitted by Arturo Valls Which has eight deliveries recorded?

Inspired by Displays to The NBC hit featuring Jimmy Fallon As the master of ceremonies, Movistar Plus+ adapts to a space full of celebrities who are able to take on different challenges. All Braves must take part in music-related quizzes and games to reveal their true potential. The program will have its own band and you can enjoy Spanish and international music where talent, humor and entertainment are of particular importance.

Arturo Valls, “That’s My Jam” presenter and producer, said: “To present and co-produce the format that I love as a viewer gives me A huge illusion And a big responsibility. “I am looking forward to having a good time with all the friends who come to play in the show, with a live band which is a dream, and I hope the good vibes carry over to the screen.”

When is “That’s My Jam Spain” released?

Ángel Aylon, Movistar Plus+ Entertainment Director, was responsible for announcing the date of the premiere of the new program: it will be Monday 2 October When will it be available to all platform users? “We are very happy to have one of the most important entertainment formats in the world in Movistar Plus+. It is great Displays Which combines music and humor and in which Arturo Valls shows his exceptional talent to entertain us.”

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Anna LangenbergWe couldn’t be happier with the continued success that “That’s My Jam” has had around the world. We’re excited that Hispanic viewers will now be able to experience the magic” of this format. “That’s My Jam” is a perfect program to watch with the family and we’re excited to be working with Arturo, Movistar Plus+, Lacoproductora and our colleagues at UTAS to take this modification forward.”

What does “this is my jam” mean?

And for those who do not know the true meaning of the name of the program, Contreras wanted to explain it to clarify: “It is an American expression.” Having noted its origin, it is clear from his words that not only are they associated with music, but that it is far more logical to frame them to mean ‘something wonderful to me,'”Something that represents meOr “This is me.”

Who produces the Arturo Valls programme?

“That’s My Jam España” is a Movistar Plus+ production in association with Lacoproger (Pressa Media)the product Gunpowder movies And Alternative Universal Television Studios (UTAS), a division of Universal Studio Group. Regarding the choice of company, José Miguel Contreras highlighted the reason: “They told us: ‘We don’t want to give it to a multinational orchestrator.’ In the end they chose us to make this version.”

The original version of “That’s My Jam” was produced by Alternative Universal Television Studio next to Electric hot dogJimmy Fallon’s production company. The first season has generated more than 250 million views in the United States across linear and digital platforms, and will have a sequel premiering March 7 on NBC. “That’s My Jam España” is the sixth international version of the format, which has also been modified or is currently being adapted in places such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Mongolia.

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Carlos Areces attended the screening

One of the participants of “That’s My Jam España” is Carlos Areces, who did not want to miss the debut of the format. Oddly enough, hours before he was promoting with Mediaset España for Season 13 of “La que se cerca”. He himself wanted to highlight the importance of trust in the format: “When it’s successful, you’ll have a huge list of celebrities knocking on your door. no friends. You had to be there from the first edition“.

Roy Mendez, OT 2017, is on the program’s squad

The group “That’s My Jam España” has a space dedicated to the band that accompanies famous singers. Interestingly, Roy Mendes is one of the members and is known for his involvement in ‘Operation Victory 2017‘.

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