The comedy that kicked out “Friends” that you can watch on Netflix

The famous seriesfriendsIt is a comedy series that has existed in all generations since its premiere in 1994which ran for 10 seasons capturing millions of fans who were drawn in by their iconic, unforgettable moments that left us until it ended in 2004.

The hit series featured the story of a group of friends called Monica GellerAnd Chandler BingAnd Phoebe BuffayAnd Joey TribbianiAnd Ross Geller And Rachel Greenwho lives in new york city. “Friends” is made to represent the journey between good times and bad between them. All its seasons were a total success that made many hooked on the screens episode after episode until the end, which won over an audience of viewers. 52.5 million viewers all over the world.

However, before this hit series could end, there was another The Comedy That Completely Abandoned “Friends” To Many, Now Streaming On Netflix

. This is Seinfeld, the series that premiered in 1989 and ended in May 1998, leaving behind 9 fantastic seasons that brought together the adventures of four eponymous friends. JerryAnd EileenAnd George And Kramer.

Seinfeld was responsible for publicizing Jerry’s life and his relationships with his friends in New York City. This I leave up on the floor to 1994 sitcom That when it ended, it left the streets of several cities in the United States almost empty, because no one wanted to miss the last episode of this series, which made it the most watched episode in the history of television with 76 million viewers.

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