The beautiful story of Lisa and Jamie

Lisa Skillon and Jamie Hobbs, 56, met shortly after their flight in Bournemouth, UK, to Paris. Tenerife it is late. Like the rest of the passengers, they had to leave the plane and return to the terminal.

It was then that groups of friends with whom they were traveling to the island mingled in the airport terminal. They hit it off from the start: “We sat down to our drinks and couldn’t stop looking at each other,” Lisa admits.

This beautiful story, which happened in November 2019, carried on when they got back on the plane, they said the sun. Jimmy waited until the line to get into the bathroom aligned with Lisa’s seat before speaking to her again.

As if it were a romantic Netflix movie, the couple kept seeing each other every night on the island, and as they discovered little by little, they decided to continue dating when they got home.

A wedding in Cyprus

Lisa revealed to the aforementioned outlet: “I was angry when my flight was delayed, but I met the man of my dreams and now we are getting married.” “We are very grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime delay, because we might not have met otherwise,” he adds. The wedding is scheduled to take place next month in Paphos, Cyprus.

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