Inter Miami led by Messi, more leader than ever: they turned things around against FC Montreal and beat them 3 to 2 in Canada

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The match ended with Inter Miami winning!

Inter Miami, with Lionel Messi as captain, overturned a 0-2 deficit and beat Montreal 3-2 in Canada.

Free kick for Messi and the ball came very close

Three minutes before the end, Messi won a perfect free kick. His shot was very close. Inter Miami wins over Montreal 3-2

Clear play by Messi and the stadium surrenders to his talent

Messi entered from the right area and was about to score for Inter Miami. Not possible. TAfter that match, the entire stadium started chanting his name.

Robert Taylor almost switched to Inter Miami

The match is entering its final stage and Inter Miami wants to get the three points. Robert Taylor tried and almost got converted. The Florida team still leads 3-2.

Another goal for Inter Miami with a 3-2 win!

With a purpose Benjamin Cremachi 14 minutes into the second half, Inter Miami turned the score around and now won 3-2.

The second half started

End of the first half with Inter Miami tied 2 to 2

Inter Miami reacted at the end of the first half Montreal tied 2-2After falling behind by two goals.

Equalizer goal from Luis Suarez

When the first half ended, Luis Suarez tied 2-2 Between Inter Miami and CF Montreal.

Great goal from Rojas: Inter Miami discounts

Matias Rojas Connected a Massive free kick, from afar, for the opponent. Now Inter Miami loses 2-1 to FC Montreal.

Lionel Messi exploded mid-match due to the new MLS rule

Lionel Messi explodes mid-match over new MLS rule: ‘We’re bad’ (Photos and video: Apple TV).

Lionel Messi show up All your anger In the middle of the match between Inter Miami and CF Montreal, in Canada, by MLS. Everything happened after the world champion Received a ferocious kick from George CampbellWhich has worried millions of people around the world.

Messi received a strong kick and doctors had to treat him

Messi got Very powerful kick from George Campbell She had to be treated by doctors. He was left lying on the field holding his left knee. He got up after a few seconds.

Another goal from Montreal and now Inter Miami loses 2-0

Inter Miami is having a bad time in Canada. The 31st minute of the first half Joel Anthony Vicente scored 2-0 for Montreal. Messi’s team can’t find the tracks.

Montreal’s goal that beat Inter Miami 1-0

Messi Free Kick: The ball goes over the top

In the 17th minute of the first half, Messi kicked a free kick near the penalty area. The ball went over the crossbar.

CF Montreal has arrived twice in a row

It was the Canadian team Two very good offensive playsWhich put Inter Miami in danger: first a free kick, then an attempt from the right side. They go from 0 to 0.

The match between CF Montreal and Inter Miami started

In Canada, Inter Miami is looking for a win over Montreal. The match started.

Inter Miami formation, with Messi as captain

Inter Miami formation (Photo: Inter Miami Press).

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