The audience judges “Tarot” and confirms that it is one of the worst films of the year. There is only one science fiction film that has received a similarly low score.

Viewers in the United States were not at all impressed by this horror film

This week it arrived in Spanish cinemas “Tarot”, a horror film that wasn’t very well received by critics – it barely got 23% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes – and it doesn’t sweep the US box office either – it barely reached fourth place during its first weekend in the rooms-. Moreover, audiences were not impressed with it at all, to the point where it ranks as one of the two worst films of the year.

The worst horror

It’s true that horror movies tend to get lower Cinemascore scores, but that doesn’t mean that the C- grade that “Tarot” received makes it a great movie. The worst-rated film of this genre in 2024 By US viewers. In fact, this is what the arrangement would look like now:

  1. “Abigail” grade B (same as grade “Lisa Frankenstein”(It’s more than a comedy)
  2. “Imagine” received a grade of C+
  3. A three-way tie between “The Blessed,” “The Pure,” and “The First Prophecy,” with a C
  4. “Tarot” with C-

As you can see, there aren’t many that got a Cinemascore note, but viewers in the US who went to see it on the day of its release clearly didn’t like it very much. And andSo something affected your incomeOn Friday, it was the second most watched film, and it did not exceed fourth place on Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, this C- doesn’t make it the worst rated film so far this year, as there is another film that wasn’t even released in Spain that received the same grade. I mean “International Space Station”a science fiction film with Ariana DeBoseOscar winner for her role in West Side Story, which failed miserably in North American cinemas.

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