Like a Crab: The Amazing Femicide Maneuver to Escape from Prison

a Femicide Of Brazilian origin he escaped From one of the United States prisons in a certain way, and the moment was recorded in a video clip taken by security cameras. He not only caused anger, but astonishment because of the strategy he used.

The man is 34 years old and was recently sentenced to prison life sentence To kill his ex-girlfriend. The man was an inmate at the Chester County Jail in Pennsylvania He stays on the run.

As can be seen from the photos taken by the security cameras of the Cavalcanti Foundation He put his hands on the wall And with His feet are resting on each other Which was very close, he started Climb horizontally Until you leave the place.

Local Mayor Warden Howard was surprised Femicide maneuverWho then overcame the barbed wire and ran to the roof. Although it happened on August 31, the authorities shared the video in the past few hours on social networks until it spread widely and managed to arrest the fugitive.

“Danilo Cavalcanti considers A very serious topic. We ask for residents’ help to locate him. He was last seen walking down Wawasit Road in Bukobson township around 9:40am wearing a white shirt, gray pants and white sneakers. (…) The police are making every effort to locate him. If you see this person, do not approach him. “Call 911 immediately,” District Attorney Deb Ryan said.

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