This is how you can spot a fake job offer in Canada

Countryman, let you identify a fake job offer in canada So as not to be a victim of fraud.

Since the scammers are in the process of research, Canadian Embassy in Mexico Make a series of recommendations to identify a fake job offer.

Every time scammers use More complex methods To defraud people of going to work in Canada. The The recruiter must specify Employer name, position, dates, location, hours and salary. Do not trust if the salary is too attractive because it could be a fraud.

Canadian Embassy in Mexico Do not communicate via WhatsApp. In addition, they do not receive or make appointments at the embassy.

Examples of letters from a fake job offer in Canada. | Photo: Courtesy of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico.

Visa offices do not use Email addresses Personal or business messages ending in hotmail, gmail, or yahoo. MUST ALL E-MAILS end up in @cic.gc.caBecause they are from the Government of Canada.

Alerts that the job offer in Canada is incorrect

If a job offer is too good to be true, go with your intuition because it probably is scam or scam. Here are some caveats:

  • They promise you that “Visa safe” Because they have contacts at the Mexican Embassy in Canada. However, no one can guarantee that you will get your work permit, as the decision depends on immigration officials.
  • they advise you to lie in you appearance.
  • They offer you Permanent residence in Canada For you and your family.
  • They tell you they’ll get one visa without need a safe employer.
  • they ask you deposit money in personal accounts.
  • They also assure you that you can work with a file Tourist visa / eTA.
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Remember that the work permit fee is paid Online On the website of the Embassy of Canada in Mexico or in Visa Application Center.

There is no private company supported By the Canadian government to hire people. No offer or contract must contain the address of the embassy or the stamp of the immigration office; If so, it is fake.

The Visa Application Center is the only authorized representative to do so to receive The Orders From Permissions From a job. Therefore, if you start the process there, you will hand in your passport with the application.

In case you did Online orderAt the end of the process, they will request your passport by mail at no additional cost. Never send your documents to private addresses or make any payments for hotels and transportation.

Remember that once your work permit is approved, it will be delivered directly to you on Canada port of entry.

Check your job offer in Canada

If in doubt whether a file Job offer Is it real or fake, you can check it out With the Canadian Embassy in Mexico by mail [email protected]. Once the message is sent, you will receive a response within 5-7 business days.

It is important that you do not pay anything or provide documents until you are sure that the offer to work in Canada is genuine. if you go victim A scam, report it to the relevant authorities.

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