Sergio Massa already has dozens of procedures ready

In this sense, one of the men closest to Ambeto’s future minister revealed that “there are already at least ten specific measures.” The idea is to advertise one a day in a row. The focus will be on “building trust”. The need to set expectations is emerging as a consensus factor in the ruling coalition.


The team that will take over the economic leadership in the coming hours He sees with particular concern the shortage of dollars. Part of the premise that instability is based on the central bank’s difficulty in accumulating reserves. With this diagnosis, a series of Initiatives to increase the level of exports, such as tax benefits for strategic sectors It can add value in the source.

As legislative projects contemplating in this spirit have been delayed, some of the central points of laws currently awaiting their turn in Congress, such as the Agribusiness Act, They can leave by decree. In this package, the reduction of employer contributions and acceleration of amortization of investments are shown. Other elements that can add foreign currency for which the charts are analyzed are Energy, mining and the knowledge economy.

The first steps will be formalized on Wednesday, the day the new minister will take office as well. We wish Massa not only had a magnifying glass on the dollars that came in, but also the dollars that came out. Sources close to Tiger say that he works in a More accurate import control system. And officials from his environment, such as the current head of customs, Guillermo Michel, have taken steps to dismantle smuggling and noisy maneuvers.

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To this scheme, they will add a greater intervention of what we knew until last week with the Ministry of Productive Development. In these offices, Non-automatic licenses, which accounts for about 30% of overseas purchases. Silently, the government in recent weeks has added tariff positions to that list, giving it more wiggle room to manage the trade. They are studying adding more products to the control.


Government sources confirmed that the minister, who has not yet been appointed, will be implemented during the month of August Tour of the United States. In addition to the need to make her vision of the economy known, the mission is Explore ways to boost financing. The Argentine ambassador to that country, Jorge Argello, confirmed yesterday that “Masa is a well-known and recognized figure in the United States, who will facilitate his landing and the possibility of adding funding.”

As Ambeto learned, One of the tools under study is Repo . type line resume. It is a cash transfer of ownership that simultaneously includes a reverse future operation in a given period. In this regard, Javier Timmerman, president of Ad Cap Financial Group, said that “these are feasible financial operations that should have been explored before.”

stabilization plan

Massa’s diagnosis of the current situation is more pessimistic than suggested by other members of the coalition government. For weeks he has been discussing with his economic advisors the need to implement a “stability plan”. In this way, one of his closest aides explained: “The stabilization plan is an interest rate hike, fiscal adjustment and currency devaluation.”.

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Two of these three variables seem to be on the move: Last week the Central Bank and the Economy Ministry validated effective annual rates of 80% and 90% respectively, and before that, during her brief visit to the Treasury Palace, Silvina Patakis slowed. Reducing the implementation of ministries The expectation of the governors that there will be cuts in discretionary transfers to the provinces.

Part of the job has already been done. In any case, the diagnoses made from the kiosks are usually different from those made once inside the cabinet, red-handed. last point, Devaluation, compliance seems more difficult. President Alberto Fernandez has repeatedly said that all measures taken in recent weeks are aimed at avoiding a sudden jump in the official exchange rate. Not to mention that the new appreciation of the dollar could mean political erosion for anyone with electoral ambitions.

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