They used an excavator to create a shortcut through the Great Wall of China

Chinese authorities Two people arrested for causing “irreparable damage” With an excavator to part of the Great Wall of China, In Shanxi Province, with the aim of creating a shortcut in the region. The act of “sabotage” occurred on August 24. Local authorities have not yet commented on the retaliatory measures they will take against the detainees.

According to a report by the Yoyo County Public Security Department, the incident was carried out by two workers who dug a “big hole” in the old fortification so their excavator could pass through. The police said the latter was for “Shorten the distance they had to travel”.

Two workers dug a “big hole” in the old fortification so their excavators could pass through it

On the same day that the “vandalism” incident occurred, local security forces were alerted to what had happened and headed to the scene. There they found evidence that the wall had been destroyed by heavy machinery. Hours later, they were able to locate officials in a nearby town.

Identified by the surnames Cheng and Wang, they were taken to the police station for questioning and confessed to the following: “We did it to avoid getting around.”

The area where the event occurred is known as the 32nd Great Wall of ChinaIt has walls and watchtowers dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and for this reason it is considered part of the cultural heritage of the province. In 1987, UNESCO included the Great Wall of China on the World Heritage List.

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