Five Nights at Freddy’s: Details you probably didn’t know about the upcoming Blumhouse adaptation

Five Nights at Freddy’s (Universal Pictures)

Originally created by an independent developer Scott Cawthon, Five nights at freddy’s It has become one of the most popular horror video game franchises of the past decade. Released for PC in 2014, the massive success of the first game has spawned numerous sequels, spin-offs, books, fan adaptations, and even got a big-screen movie.

However, the project featuring real actors had to face many obstacles to finally be realized. Its development included numerous script rewrites, director changes, and of course, delays. Finally, nearly a decade after the first announcement Five nights at freddy’s The film will be released in theaters. So, we look at her complicated journey and some details that you may not have known about the upcoming adaptation in your hands Blumhouse.

The terrifying phenomenon of horror video games is turning into a terrifying cinematic spectacle, as Blumhouse (maker of M3GAN, The Black Telephone and The Invisible Man) brings Five Nights at Freddy’s to the big screen.

film Five nights at freddy’s It is mainly inspired by the first game in the series in which a security guard at a pizzeria receives instructions from his predecessor who tells him about the dangers of the job. As a result, he discovers that it is a rather unfortunate job because some of the robots living there turn out to be possessed, evil, and systematic killers.

The player’s only action is to close doors when they are close, but he cannot always keep them closed. Subsequent installments greatly expand on this premise, including time jumps and creating a story that guides the entire plot.

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The adaptation will star the actor hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson, like security guard Mike Schmidt. He will also be accompanied on his workday by his little sister, Abby, who plays the character Piper Rubio.

Five Nights at Freddy’s – Trailer – Netflix

While the video game Five nights at freddy’s It proved successful, and Hollywood saw a great opportunity. In 2015, just one year after its release, the film adaptation was actually released. Kenan generationwho directed the new version of evil soul That year, he was the first manager to be appointed alongside him Seth Grahame Smith As a producer. However, both of them ended up abandoning the project.

Blumhouse He saw the opportunity and bought the rights to the game. By then he was hired Chris Columbusboss My poor angel, who was apparently a huge fan of the game. However, the director also abandoned the project after rewriting the script several times. But the third time was the charm. Last year the director was confirmed Emma Tammy Who got the job thanks to his impressive debut as a film director on the supernatural thriller winds.

An essential element to the success or misfortune of the film adaptation Five nights at freddy’s It was undoubtedly the quality of his animated creatures. thus, Jim Henson Creature Shop The company was contracted to create Freddy Fazbear And his friends for the movie Blumhouse.

a company Jim HensonIt goes without saying, because they were in charge of the puppets Sesame Streetwonderful creatures A maze And movies of the nineties Ninja Turtles.

Five Nights at Freddy’s (Universal Pictures)

Although the movie Five nights at freddy’s It has been in development for nearly a decade, and everything indicates that frequent rewriting of the script were necessary steps. Scott CawthonThe video game creator spoke about the long production process and revealed the various script ideas that were rejected.

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The version of the script, which was submitted before he was actively involved in the project, consisted of removing the animatronics from their location and bringing them to Manhattan just as they did with Jason. Another drawing suggests that the killer dolls were part of a secret government project. Fortunately, all of these ideas were discarded in the final version, which remained fairly faithful to the source material.

While many of the calendar’s premieres were postponed due to the screenwriters’ and actors’ strike, the film was postponed Five nights at freddy’s Supports its release date. It will be released in the US simultaneously in theaters and on a streaming service. peacock On October 27, coinciding with the Halloween holiday. It will arrive in Spain on November 1, while it will be available in theaters in Latin American countries such as Mexico and Argentina on the 2nd of that month.

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