Practical WhatsApp trick to remember where you left the car parked

Has it ever happened to you that you parked your car and when you went to look for it again, you can’t remember well where you left it? Well, there is a trick for WhatsApp that can help you solve this problem, as it is common to find yourself in the shopping mall parking lot, at the exit of the stadium or on an unknown street and get lost easily.

despite of WhatsApp It is basically a messaging app. There are some tricks, like this one, that you can start using in your daily life that will surely make more than one task easier for people who tend to get confused.

WhatsApp function to help those who have forgotten where they left their carArchives

What you can do to fix this is go into the chat, which can be the one you created with yourself to remember things or leave private messages. he was there, You can share the location when you park your car. So, when you need to head back, all you have to do is check your cell phone, check the location, and head in that direction.

First, open the WhatsApp chat. If you don’t have one yet, you can go to the option to start a new conversation and choose the option to chat with yourself. Next, attach your car’s location, by navigating to the clip-like tool.

Once you click on the clip, choose the option called “location”. After entering you can choose between real time location and current location. Perhaps the most efficient is the so-called real-time location. Once selected, it will be sent to the chat immediately to offer you an efficient solution.

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On the other hand, of course, the same strategy can also be applied when parking any other vehicle, such as a motorbike or a bicycle, in the middle of a big city.

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